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Never heard that

I’ve lived in the valley for 14 years and during this time I have never heard the school district mention publicly that it was delivering an inferior education to the children in Eagle County. In fact if I remember correctly, the administration regularly proclaimed themselves as a world-class school district. That is until a few years ago when the TAP program arrived. Suddenly our teachers were not up to par. We were overrun with teachers who should be flipping burgers instead of teaching. When and how did this happen? Who hired and retained all these incompetents? I think the district administration needs to be reviewed, as it was their job to hire teachers, their job to select appropriate curriculum, and their job to ensure that everything was in place so that teachers could teach.

No movies for kids

I’m very disappointed that during spring break there are no kids movies in the evening at the local theaters. The best we could do is find one at 4 in the after

able to incite a significant, misguided voting total in your favor. It is not fair to conveniently find technical issues that allow you to move away from your previously strong support for free trade agreements such as NAFTA.

The American people deserve a leader who has the backbone to take difficult stands that match the ideals our country was founded upon. We deserve a leader that has the strength to come down on the side of issues benefiting the greater good even when there may be some disappoint to a small group of special interests. Isn’t that one of your mantras?

At the end of the day, John Kerry, the American people deserve better than you.

Steve Pope is the publisher of the Vail Daily. He can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 300, or at

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