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TAP makes sense

I am tired of hearing all the negative comments about the TAP program. I am a parent with two children in the public school system, and I am not talking about the charter school. Over the years, my children have had many wonderful, creative and hard-working teachers. But they have also had some lousy, lazy and sometimes obviously burned-out teachers, too. When I have spoken to in-school administration about the bad teachers, they always seem to be somewhat surprised. The principal cannot be in every classroom every day. The mentors or master teachers will not be, either, but knowledge of what goes on in each classroom will be greatly increased. I can only imagine as in any business situation, the bad teachers are probably pretty good at bluffing their way through the system, and the administrators sometimes never realize how bad the in-class experience for our kids can be. Unfortunately, when a teacher is tenured, their employment cannot be terminated. At least with TAP there will be mentoring and coaching provided as well as standards set. It is only fair that less than effective teachers be given the opportunity to improve. It will not take long

to identify the “problem” teachers and if they refuse to try to improve, then at least they will not get the same raise as the really good teachers. In every other industry, the consequences as most of us know for poor work can be a lot more significant. Personally, I have faith in the county school administration and believe that if respected teachers who are mentors or master teachers in the program come to them with their concerns and difficulties in implementing the program, these concerns will be listened to and solutions found. Why is everyone so afraid to try something that could have such huge benefits to our kids? Makes me think the lousy teachers have done a good job selling the program as problematic because they are justifiably scared to lose their jobs. It is a travesty that the fine hardworking teacher in this district is rewarded monetarily in the same manner as the less than stellar teachers. This is not fair, and with TAP, it will not happen. TAP deserves a chance for Eagle County schools!

Lost its meaning

What’s with the word “local”? Do we use it a little too much around here? True local radio, true local business. I think it’s a little over used. Slow down with the “local” stuff. If you live here you know it, no need to put “local” here, “local” there. And change your commercials on the radio, for crying out loud. Same local businesses doing the same local commercials. It sounds pretty lame.

Mean ol’ Rogers

I thought Rogers’ comment about Republicans supporting Menconi is so silly. He and Pope came into town claiming to be Republicans and there’s got to be at least a dozen hard-core Democrats who have GOP envy and register that way. Rogers is finding out like the rest of the media that pretending something and lying about it in print and hoping people forget about it later when it doesn’t come through isn’t going to help them elect Democrats. They all look like what they are. Basically a bunch of deceptive and mean people.

Agrees with Pope

I just read Steve Pope’s column (“Kerry sells out on free trade”), and he says, “We deserve a leader that has the strength to come down on the side of issues benefiting the greater good, even when there may be some disappointment to small groups of special interest.” Bravo, Pope, you did just that, and thank you for that column.

August school?

The kids have to start school so darn early in August. We all know that August is one of the hottest months here in the county, and the kids have to sit in a hot class because there are no air conditioners in those classes. Why don’t you put in air conditioning?

Safety first

I would like to call and respond to the person complaining about the Avon Police Department doing their job on the road in Avon. There are multiple accidents due to excessive speeds there and that happened all winter long, there are consistently pedestrians on that road and I would like to commend the Avon Police Department for doing a job well done.

Ashtray, please

March 31, 8:45 a.m., Edwards intersection. To the black Jeep Cherokee, license plate EMC3882: If you don’t want to clean up your lungs by stopping smoking, please clean up our roads by not throwing your lit cigarette out your window. Use your ashtray. I’m sure your car came with one.


I just wanted to report a heroic incident. There was an Avon bus coming down from Beaver Creek. Its wheel flew off and went hurtling into the golf course. The bus driver did an amazing and heroic job of keeping his passengers safe, and I think kudos to the Avon transportation department.

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