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Too warm

I agree with the person who said in Tipsline that International is about as bad as it gets. I’m a 20-plus-year skier on Vail Mountain. They talk about taking care of the guests, and right near their snowmaking hut there are bare patches less than 20 or 30 feet away. Everyone looks at that and wonders why can’t we have snowmaking and have the snow white like Born Free is. It looks to me like it’s time to increase the snowmaking budget and make the lower mountain look good for the latter part of the season. That might entail possibly making a larger snowmaking budget, and possibly cutting Adam’s bonus a little bit for the next year.

And a tractor, too

The Sheriff’s Office has a John Deere tractor, 4-wheel drive with a front loader on, that they loan out to all their employees, I guess, and they’ve even got a trailer to pull it around with. …

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Who says the sheriff’s job doesn’t come with benefits?

Disease travels, too

Until three years ago, the U.S. had a total of 900 leprosy cases in 40 years. Now, per New York Times in February 2003, leprosy has infected over 7,000 people in the U. S. Brought in by illegal immigrants from India, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Tuberculosis was almost nonexistent five years ago in the USA. Washington Post explained, ”Health officials say the rise of TB … is largely a consequence of the migration of people from parts of the world where the disease is common. It is thought that two-thirds of the cases of TB brought into the United States originated in just three countries: Mexico, the Philippines, and Vietnam.” In the past 4 years, the U.S. now has 16,000 cases of multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB, which was formerly endemic only in Mexico. Per PIX, a Pittsburgh radio station, the Chi Chi hepatitis A virus has been identified as the “Mexican Strain.” I could continue on. However, I know that as all legal immigrants are health screened before admission, there is no way they brought these illnesses in. I am pro immigrants and anti illegal aliens. Actually I am anti anything illegal. And no, Brenda Torres, I wasn’t infected. I had to undergo the TB shots after I was exposed by a positive TB-infected illegal alien immigrant several years ago when I worked in law enforcement, but thank you for asking! Marty Lich.

Service with smile

This one’s for Kaye Ferry. If you would like better customer service, a smile, a proper greeting, hang up your … cell phone long enough to hear us say hi, thank you, come again. Just doing my part.

Great work!

This is Louise Randall calling to say thanks to the town of Vail, the town of Avon, and all the local metro districts for cleaning the bike paths so early this year. It’s just great to take a spring ride and get through Dowd Junction without I-70, and I really appreciate their early efforts.

Pennywise and …

If the school district has nothing to hide in the Cacioppo issue, and if there was no boycotting of Speakout advertisers, why are they so resistant to turning over the school computer system documents he is requesting? Surely the $1,692 cost of retrieving records from the school’s computer

system is a mere pittance compared to the thousands of taxpayer dollars that we will be spending to resist his requests. If the school district is so certain of their lack of knowledge about this boycott, turn the records over to the Vail Daily, and let them print the records so that the public can judge for themselves.

Democratic solution

How much money would it cost the school district to buy Mike Cacioppo’s newspaper out and send him packing?

Natives never do that?

It’s very interesting to see these “Mountain Mischiefs” nowadays. Ten-year-olds shoplifting from Wal-Mart? His father gets called in and he’s wanted in Mexico? Didn’t say for what, but obviously for something very serious. My, how diverse we have become. Keep it up, Eagle County, you’re doing a great job.

Rational thought

The column from Steve Pope on free trade was just so very refreshing. I really appreciated it. It was liberally laced with a lot of facts and rational thought. Can we have more from both? Your paragraph: “We can do without the poorly informed passionate opinions of the local would-be journalists that can’t seem to accept the facts for the truth.” Dan Stewart, Edwards.

Scamming parking

I’d like to report on various people parking in the handicapped parking. Yes, they do have the stickers for handicapped parking, but most of these people I see are divorced women using the sticker that their husband required, and even one lady, young, had her kids in the car and he no longer lives here. Most of these people, spouses, don’t even live in the area any longer, and I just think this is worse than stealing, because I have seen handicapped people drive up and there’s no space. Especially at the Riverwalk movie there’s a fellow that can golf, he can ski, he can play tennis, and yet he parks in the loading only for handicaps and it’s really a crime, and he should be ashamed of himself. I can’t see why Martha Stewart should go to jail for what she’s doing when these people are just as bad in a different way.

Another ‘know nothing’

I laughed out loud when I read Dorsey’s latest nonstop, nonsensical diatribe, this time against a very smart Don Rogers’ column criticizing Richard Clarke’s book of anti-Bush fulminations. Turns out Dorsey’s as big a “know nothing” when it comes to book publishing as he is at politics. I have had three books published and gone on a couple of nationwide book tours to promote them. For Dorsey’s information, publishing companies have hundreds of people in something called a promotion department. It is their business to come up with strategies to sell truckloads of books. These folks are experts in timing books, especially political ones, for the most inflammatory events possible like committee hearings because they know that controversy sells books. These people also know that producers of radio and TV shows like “60 Minutes” and they book their authors on these shows to peddle those books. The promotion department and the book’s author also make it clear to the author before he even begins the book that they’re not interested in his ruminations unless they will cause such a volcanic explosion in the press across the country that they can sell tons of books and make tons of money.

So now Richard Clark comes up with a book that explodes the big bombshell that 9/11 happened because George Bush only thought that counter terrorism was “very important” (Clark’s words) rather than “urgent” (also Clark’s word) and that Bush was completely obsessed right after 9/11 with attacking Iraq. Guess that’s why we never attacked Afghanistan and rooted out Al Qaida there. What total and complete partisan crapology. This is Joy Overbeck. Thanks very much.

Not even close to true

Our unemployment is out of control and Hispanic males in this community now cannot get a job who were born and raised here, who speak English, who have pride for their country and their community. …

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