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I want to preface this comment by saying that I am an avid supporter of both the Humane Society and the Eagle County Animal Shelter. However, my recent experience with the Eagle County Animal Shelter has made me rethink my contribution. Recently, on my way to work from Avon to Eagle, I stopped for coffee in the most northern Avon roundabout. Upon driving into the roundabout, I noticed a very confused, black Lab running in and out of traffic. Upon further inspection, I realized that he was lost, so being the animal lover that I am, I persuaded him to come over to me and placed him in my car. After discussing my rescue with the manager of the closest business, who could not help me, I decided to deliver the very sweet dog to the animal shelter in Eagle. Upon my arrival to the animal shelter, I realized that I had arrived before their normal business hours. Since I had to go to work right away, and happened to notice some cars in front, I knocked on the door to try to leave my newfound friend at the shelter. To my dismay, when I spoke with a representative of the shelter, she told me that because I found the dog in Avon, I should have contacted the authorities from the animal shelter in Avon. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Avon part of Eagle County, and isn’t the animal shelter also part of Eagle County? Needless to say, I left the dog with these people, as much as I didn’t want to because of the way I was treated. How I hope that other rescuers of animals do not have the same negative experience that I did, because I love animals. Thank you.

Need a God

I am reading in this newspaper here about the lady who stoned her sons to death – home schooled them, then God told her to stone her sons to death. Wait a minute. God also told Al Qaida to terrorize the United States. I think the person who called in “Keep the faith” needs to get a life, because God works in mysterious ways. Whether there is a God or not doesn’t matter. People have a right to believe if there is a God or isn’t a God, so maybe you can figure out if there is or isn’t a God, and make sure you go to church on Sunday and give the beggar his 10 percent and keep on praying that there is a God, because you definitely need a God.

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More school

This is in regards to the Tipsline about the August school and that the kids start school so early. Well, what people aren’t considering is the reason they start school so early in August is because schools are required to teach a certain amount of days in the year and that the children also have these very long vacations, from start to finish, in regards to say Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring vacation, and don’t forget the teachers’ days. Therefore, the schools have to adjust accordingly. Believe me, kids should be in school a whole lot more than what they are because parents don’t see to it that they are.

Have sales then

Concerning the street dance in Vail, I do believe that street dances are older than Vail, older than asphalt, but perhaps not as old as street merchants. Perhaps the street merchants could run a special affordable to thousands rather than a select few.

Why is that?

Did anyone hear or see Condoleeza Rice testify on the Hill? Did anyone else know that Bill Clinton testified behind closed doors? Why is that? Why is it that our government … Mr. Clinton, who seems to have so many secrets in his presidency, he was able to testify behind closed doors? Why is that? Why?

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