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Election judge issue

I’d like to congratulate all the candidates who either won or lost at the Eagle election a couple days ago. They all ran a nice clean race. However, I am just appalled at the selection of the election judges the town chose. The town manager’s wife, who I think doesn’t even live in the town of Eagle. The existing town of Eagle mayor’s mother, and a part-time town of Eagle employee who supervises the open lands. I think what the town of Eagle should do in order to get this up and up is have a recount of the votes, not at the expense of any of the candidates, but I think they need to do something to get the smell off the way they handled this election.

Must be the mag

The headline in today’s Daily about the fish being in trouble on the Eagle River. Hmmm, could that be because of mag chloride? Just a thought.

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My call is in response to David Levine’s letter to the editor and many letters over many months, and it’s just I have a comment for David, and possibly a suggestion. David, I think that you might want to go to Spain. Make that your home, and vote as they did, and now that Al Qaida won the election, now they’re demanding more. They’re going to blow up Spain if they don’t get more, more, more. What are Democrats thinking?

What are you thinking? Cut and run? You just don’t have the balls to do anything, and I know it’s tough. It is the toughest thing on the planet Earth to watch our soldiers die, but you know what? This is a hardcore war, and we have to win it, and it’s every day and it’s within the U.S. and it’s out of the U.S. and we need to win it, and you Democrats, most of you would like to cut and run. Well, you know what, if you do that you show your weakness and guess what, Al Qaida wins, and all those other SOBs. So, David Levine, think about what you’re writing about. Think about what you’re doing to our soldiers overseas.

Long memory

I find it rather interesting that Robert Bird is now glamorized by the Democratic Party when he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and never did he apologize, never did anything, and now he’s resigning and oh what a wonderful man he was. I don’t think so. Think he’s a horrible man that may be learned in his older age, but isn’t it interesting to see how the Democrats play things and the Republicans are so nice. We are. We sit back and we wait. Isn’t it interesting? …

Campaign promise

Now that the Minturn election is over, I think people should follow out their promises and hold them to a tee. All you people that made the comment to quit their jobs and leave the town of Minturn, I think you should, because we don’t want people with that type of attitude working in our town. …


Good letter, Greg Ziccardi, regarding Viagra, etc. I’m a female who happens to love sports, and have been totally disgusted with these constant ads for male impotence. I must say I had no idea it was that much of a problem, however, in all honesty, I don’t run around the Vail Valley doing my own experiments. The next time you see a sporting event that contains such an advertisement, on a billboard behind the goal, a NASCAR, an ad during a golf tournament, etc., try inserting the name Tampax, and see how disgusted you males would be.

More languages

We have changed our phone system so it’s one for English and two for Spanish. But we are a country of so many different backgrounds here. I feel like we are being prejudiced. What about these Chinese people and people from France, or even like Italy? These people speak different languages here, and we only have two languages. I feel like we are discriminating against these other people. I think if we’re going to accommodate one language, we should accommodate all languages.

Feeding his ego

What a shame that the school district’s money has to go towards legal fees in defending themselves against a very bitter, narcissistic person like Mike Cacioppo. This money could be used so much more efficiently in educating our children rather than feeding into Cacioppo’s super ego. He loves to read about himself and continues to sue people around the valley in order to get the recognition he thinks he deserves. One can only surmise that he harbors anger and bitterness from years back, maybe even childhood, that he has to release in some form. Mike Cacioppo needs to feel important at the expense of others, including all the employees of the school district, which by the way have our children a third of their day, as he continues to hold up their taxpayer approved raises. He is obviously a very insecure person. Let him print his Speakout paper, who cares, but he constantly changes the facts around for his benefit so others will continue to look favorably upon him. …

Give ’em up

To the Eagle County School Board, you have a responsibility to the county’s taxpayers, but more importantly to the county’s students, to do the right, moral thing. Demand that the Eagle County School District comply with the court’s ruling and immediately turn over the e-mails to Speakout’s editor. This horse manure has gone on long enough. If the school district has nothing to hide that will be found out, if they do have something to hide, that also will be found out. Show this community and its students that our school board does not support defiance of the court’s ruling.

One voter’s message

I’m calling to talk about Minturn’s future, and I totally disagree with Hawkeye Flaherty. The election wasn’t about the RV park. The election was about having people that you can trust, that would be honest and open and caring, and listening to what the people said. The RV park played a little, but the residents of Minturn spoke at that election. They let everybody know what was up and how they want to be just left alone. Please, just leave us alone. Don Rogers has to make his comment about it’s a bad idea. Well guess what, Don Rogers, you’re from California from what I understand. There are already too many people from California in this state. We’ve Californicated this community and this state really bad, from driving to a lot of other things which I’m not even going to get into. We have really nice people here in Minturn, young, old, new, Hispanic, Caucasian, and we all voted together the way we wanted to vote, and we’ll let that speak. So from now on if you’re going to be a politician in Minturn, you know there’s a body of people armed with votes, and we let it speak, and there are other ways to make money instead of wrecking property that is designed to be a park. Not an RV park, a park for kids to play in. …

Closing campuses

Eagle County taxpayers … you are getting gypped by Colorado Mountain College. You are paying for CMC sites in other counties while our sites are being closed, all but one. Don’t stand for it. Demand equal treatment, but let’s stop giving CMC money.

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