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I’d like to make a comment on “the endorsement draws fire” on how the Democrats are bummed out about Michael Gallagher’s endorsement of Tom Stone. I’d first like to say that Mr. Gallagher is probably one of the finest, if not the finest human beings I’ve ever met in my lifetime. We are fortunate to have him as an Eagle County commissioner. He’s fair, understanding, concerned. He’s almost a perfect person. I guess he knows something that the rest of us know, too. If the person that Michael Gallagher thinks is good for a commissioner, even if he was from the moon, or purple, or green, or had spots on his face, or no arms, I would vote for him. Simply because Mr. Gallagher thinks he would be a good choice. Thanks for caring, Mike. Thanks for having a spine. … A.J.A.

Quit whining

I’m calling in response to the person over 70 that was calling first complaining that Vail wanted $99 for his ski pass, then another $49 or $50 on top of that in an increase, and that was just an outrage. Well, I’m a hard-working local. I’ve had to buy my own merchant pass for years, and it costs me $600. Skiing is made more affordable for the Denver people by Vail Resorts, more affordable for the retirees. Now the retirees around here aren’t exactly on a fixed income. If this person can’t pay their money, has to save their millions for their second home or their third home somewhere else, then they should just get out of here and go ski somewhere else, and there’ll be less people on my mountain.

County RETT?

I think a better way to fund open space is for the county to impose a 1 percent real estate transfer tax on all unincorporated areas, much like several others have. Thank you.

Emotions rule

I just wanted to make a comment on this “pro 31” that I see in the paper today. I believe that what this lady is stating are my feelings too. There are so many other people in this country, we’ve never bent over backwards for them, but we seem to bending over backwards for the Spanish speaking people around here. What’s really sad about it is I was born and bred in the U.S.A. and when I was in school, Spanish was an elective course, it wasn’t a have-to course. I got laid off at the first of the year and what’s making it so hard now is everybody wants somebody who is bilingual. It doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to come to America, you need to speak English. Thanks for listening.

Water for W. Slope

Voting yes on 4A will keep more water on the West Slope for use only by those of us who live on the West Slope. A call into the last Tipsline was completely inaccurate, when they referred to referendum 4A as a project to send more money to the Front Range. That is absolutely wrong. It is a fact that some residential water taps in Eagle County came very close to being shut off by this year’s drought, only to be rescued by some unprecedented arrangements. We need to secure more water for our own use here on the west slope and a yes vote on 4A will do just that. If we don’t pass 4A, that only leaves more water available for the Front Range to covet.

Kaye, don’t go!

I’m calling in support of Kaye Ferry. I was both saddened and angry to think that she would leave our little village or change her course. She’s been an absolutely wonderful mouthpiece for the mom-and-pop shops. Is Vail a corporate cruise ship? Well, most people don’t want to go down with the corporate mentality on their village. The pioneers that came here, rich and working stiffs alike appreciate people and their efforts like Kay Ferry to be a mouthpiece and a communicator for the small businesses and people who do not live in big houses. I feel that Vail’s loss is Kaye Ferry changing her modus operandi, doing other things in Vail. I am understanding that she’s not leaving, but I feel she was a great conscience. Although I may not be behind Mike Cacioppo, he causes people to think, also, maybe through the back door of learning. I’m saddened that Kay Ferry is giving up the Grind, I do not drink coffee, I just feel that she was an awesome, awesome asset to our village. The corporate cruise ship continues to go down.

No real choices

I’m calling regarding all the comments against gang members in our Vail Valley Tipsline. I’m glad Tipsline has a format the way it does because it lets people make other community members be aware of what’s going on. I’d also like to say, great job to Mike Leake for taking a zero tolerance policy on gang members. This detective in Avon definitely deserves a raise, and I wish we had more people in law enforcement like him. It would be great if somebody like him would run for sheriff. We need at least one more candidate in there running for sheriff, so people have a choice. Right now there is no choice. Also, I’d like to comment that our newspapers need to start printing the truth and letting people know what’s going on and not just whitewashing everything that goes on in Eagle County just because of tourism dollars and the realtors. Thank you for your time.

Promises, promises

I’m calling regarding Bob Slagle. Mr. Red Cliff guy. … I think people of the town should step up and say, “Hey, where’s our money going to, where’s our water, where’s our blah, blah, blah?” And here he goes, “It’ll be there, it’ll be there.” It’s …

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