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Just one campus?

Eagle, and for that matter, all of the Eagle Valley west of Edwards, is in danger of losing their Colorado Mountain College center. Beginning in September, CMC will offer classes at their new building in Edwards, and various begged and borrowed classrooms elsewhere in the county. Vail and Eagle sites will close. Eagle has been served by the site on Broadway since 1976. What is the justification for abandoning us? Eagle County contributes nearly 8 million tax dollars to support the five-county CMC district. That’s somewhere around 28 percent of their total operating budget, and Eagle County will have only one site. Is Edwards to serve all our residents? CMC serves a diverse slice of our population. Those try to better their work opportunities, exercise classes, personal enrichment classes, courses contributing to an AA degree as well as students seeking their GED or college prep.

Golden memories

The face of Vail is indeed changing, and these changes go well beyond the new streetscape, Lionshead redevelopment, and Ford Explorers for the police. Vail Mountain itself will always be one of the greatest

ski mountains on the planet. The skiing experience has always gone beyond the mountain. Not too long ago, the majority of Vail’s seasonal work force was made up of true ski bums and your upper-crust college students taking a year off before entering the work force or just taking a break during completion of course work. These were upper-crust individuals with real dreams. Vail was a mere playground before returning to the grind. In those days most skiers were college-educated or the children of those with higher educations. Locals and visitors alike enjoyed gathering at day’s end in one of Vail’s watering holes, exchanging stories of their day’s adventures on and off the slopes. Today many seasonal positions are held by long-term locals who don’t go to a watering hole in Vail. Instead they drive home to Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Leadville and beyond before hitting a water hole. The mix between local and visitor is widening, with the only contact being guest to server. Used to be many guests admired the underpaid, overworked local. Today, enter the immigrant worker. Mostly undereducated, many even illiterate, not skiers or hikers or mountain lovers, here to make money. For the most part, they don’t mix with your highly motivated overachieving guest. Gone is the camaraderie and the admiration. …

GOP house sheet

I’d like to thank James Dorsey for his very insightful commentary on Steve Pope’s column on March 31 regarding John Kerry. James made some very good points. The Vail Daily could very easily be renamed the Vail Daily and the Republican Propaganda Newsletter. It’s very disturbing to see how he’s trying to mislead the whole valley. It would be nice to get a more balanced bunch of commentary authors on the staff.

ID not needed?

I’m wondering if the local movie theaters can be held accountable for allowing under-aged, unaccompanied children into R rated movies. I was at an R rated movie recently and saw numerous children, approximately 12-13 years old, viewing the film unaccompanied by an adult. After the film, I sat in the lobby and watched the ticket vendors sell tickets to more unaccompanied, under-aged children without asking for any IDs. I always thought that under-aged children should be asked for ID, or parental permission slips by the ticket vendor. …

What about skeeters?

I understand from reading in the Vail Daily that Miller’s Ranch, the new affordable housing area, is going to have more ball fields and CMC and all the various things and a skate park, and I read that they’re going to have a big pond, too. Standing water, is that such a wise idea? Are we inviting the mosquitoes here for West Nile to have a pond? A stagnant pond just sitting there is going to be a huge breeding area for these mosquitoes. Is no one thinking about the West Nile, or are they just thinking about the beauty of putting in a pond?

Intruders beware

To the bad guys thinking of coming in my house, please take note: I will defend my children and die doing so. You will suffer your choice and consequences by threatening my family. I don’t care if you can explain; you can explain in the hospital or jail. As long as you have my child and I can do something about it, I will. To those who sympathize with the intruder, please call the Vail Daily, leave your address your children’s age, name and gender, and stand by. You will see predators. Bravo to McMurray. Now take the time and care to help your family and their emotional pain that they have endured and suffered needlessly by this intruder. Chalk one up for the families. Just imagine what the results would be if we would have had a single parent female defending this home. The results might not have been as well. Bravo. Bravo.

Kaye nailed it

This is Buzz from Buzz’s ski shop, and I have to say that Kaye Ferry nailed it right on the head with her Blues Traveler column on Wednesday, April 14. Vail needs more events like these to attract more people to Vail. I think when they redesign the base of the mountain, a concert every week would be fantastic. I saw this up in Steamboat when I was there for the Junior Olympics with my youngest son. They have bands playing, people were there, and it needs to be at the end of the day, like 3. The Streetbeat is a little too late, and a lot of people don’t get in on the fun, so I would like to see that a little earlier. With the town or whoever shutting down the Ravinos, BB&B and the Great Race, it’s time that we made Vail equal fun again. So let’s get the stuffiness out of Vail and the fun back in it.

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