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Pay for view?

I read the article in the April 12 Vail Daily about the county television channel. It sounds like we will all pay a new tax on our cable bill to allow the commissioners to be on TV. I did not vote for a new tax, and if it shows up on my cable bill, I will cancel my cable service and move to satellite TV.

A skeptic

I just got a brochure asking me to donate for Bair Ranch. Now they’re calling it Golden Bair Ranch? This is just pure marketing hype. I wish we had a paper that would follow the money. There’s a very small group of people who want to spend all their money, and what are they making off of this? They sure as hell aren’t doing it just to save open space.

All unanimous votes

Arn Menconi’s yes votes on 14 Vail Resorts issues is the epitome of quid pro quo, which means you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. This isn’t an appearance of conflict of interest, it is a conflict of interest, and this is Michael Cacioppo. I’m not afraid to use my name.

Great letter

Today is Saturday. It’s a glorious day God’s given us, and I’m sitting here reading the Vail Daily and I can’t help but notice this excellent letter written by Clay Hall. Hopefully most of the people and definitely the council members have read this letter, and hopefully Don Rogers has read this letter. This is one of the best letters I’ve seen written in a long time. Sincerely, Anthony Aiello. Great job, Clay. Couldn’t be better.

Brother’s no slouch

I was noticing the Tipsline on Kevin Foley. I think Kevin does a wonderful job on community service and being friendly to customers, but I think his brother Dennis at Bart & Yeti’s is an even better example of dealing with the customers. …

Magical night

Bennett Pollock here. It’s Sunday morning, and Erica and I are still buzzing over the fabulous Clarence Clemons Temple of Soul concert last night. Wow. There’s something incredibly powerful about a tight band with a smoking horn session mixed with a leprechaun-like fiddle player, led by a soulful, one-of-a-kind saxophone player. You throw in a wonderful, music-loving crowd, and what you get is a magical night.

Thank you so much to Highline Productions, and Vail Resorts and the town of Vail and everybody else involved in making this happen. This was us at our best. Thank you.

Great job!

Thanks to the Town of Avon for doing an excellent job of plowing and cindering our roads this season. Year after year, you guys rock.

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