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Mad at ECO Transit

Thanks to the morons at ECO Transit, I can no longer get to my job from Edwards to Eagle on the new summer schedule. What were these people thinking?

Dry season

Just a spark. Suppose you lost some of your friends in a forest fire. Would you then still throw your lit cigar in the streets of paradise? Consider a forest fire and a spark.

The ‘real’ news

Support Local Journalism

I just don’t understand our newspapers nowadays. It’s a shame we don’t have one more newspaper to print things differently, with totally different writers. We have “April storms not enough to drive off drought,” and last week the Trail put in the newspaper, “Fire will come, are we ready?” Wait a minute here. They also say you should wash your car after every storm because they put magnesium chloride on the road. The real story here is we’re over-populating and over-polluting this Earth, and nobody wants to be held accountable for it. And then we’re doing things like having magnesium chloride on the roads. So while the people in Phoenix enjoy their beautiful plush lawns, our newspapers here put fear in our hearts. Let’s use up all our water so the people in Phoenix and California don’t have any water, and then maybe they’ll think twice. …

Who is ranting here?

What a shame that the school district’s money has to go towards legal fees in defending themselves against a very bitter, narcissistic person like Mike Cacioppo. This money could be used so much more efficiently in educating our children rather than feeding into Cacioppo’s super ego. He loves to read about himself, and continues to sue people around the valley in order to constantly get the recognition that he thinks he deserves. … Let him print his Speakout paper. Who cares? But Mike, don’t misconstrue facts for your benefit. There’s going to be a day, Mike, when you can rant and rave all you want. But guess what, no one will be listening. …

Hazard to all

To all the bicyclists on Highway 6 between Wolcott and Eagle. You are not only a hazard to us, you can very easily cause an accident by being on that road, because the road cannot support two vehicles and you. There are plenty of bike paths that we have paid for with our taxes for you to be on for your recreational purposes. Please use them, because you are just a hazard out there and you will cause an accident and kill somebody one day out there on Highway 6.

Agrees with letter

I’d like to comment on what a great letter Buddy Doll put in the newspaper on Monday, the 19th of April. Yes, Buddy, you hit everything right on the head. It’s really a shame that our government is so worthless and inconsistent. … And you’re right, it’s the employers. They need to be fined $2,500 for every undocumented worker they have. If you want to come in my country, get documented.

Supporting trash

I’m calling about the article in Tuesday’s Daily about the county advertising in Speakout. We are shocked and outraged that our tax dollars are supporting trash. That trash is Speakout, the tabloid newspaper. It’s terrible. Mike Cacioppo and his opinions and twisted journalism should not be supported by our county government. Who are you guys in bed with? What are you smoking? The county government is now a bigger joke than it was yesterday.

Support Local Journalism