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Re: Buddy Doll and “Illegals are able to send their children to schools they don’t help support and obtain social services to which they don’t contribute.” Correct. In the 2004-05 school budget you will see that many school services are being cut due to lack of Eagle County tax funds. However, we are hiring more ESL (English language acquisition) teachers for the school calendar year 2004-05. Ask your school board and look at your taxpayers’ school reports you just received. Eagle County has gone from an enrollment of less than 100 ESL students eight years ago to over 1,900 Spanish-speaking students. They now comprise 40 percent of Eagle County’s student population. Although federal law allows all enrollments of illegal alien students, it does not ban all schools reporting them to the INS immediately following enrollment. Why aren’t they reported? It is a federal felony to be here illegally. These students are eligible to receive Head Start funding, busing, preschool, free lunches, field trips and special ed services. We taxpayers pay for that. Current costs of general education are $7,000 per student per year. Add $10,000 per year per student for

these additional services such as ESL, etc. When is enough enough? When your child no longer receives any education and no longer has any busing? We paid for that with our tax money. Don’t we deserve any of the funding back for our legal children? H.M.

Call them

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I’m calling to list the direct dial phone numbers for Tom Stone and Mike Gallagher. Tom Stone’s number is 328-8616. Mike Gallagher’s is 328-8617, in hopes that everyone who supports all of the organizations in the community that have been hurt by Michael Cacioppo and Speakout would call and let Tom and Mike know how they feel about their vote to spend more than $5,000 of Eagle County taxpayer’s money advertising in Speakout.


Just calling to comment on Tom Stone and Mike Gallagher’s vote to spend $5,000 advertising in Speakout. It’s the equivalent of giving Mike Cacioppo $5,000 directly to harass the hard working and honest members of our community. Please reconsider this decision.

Some don’t like noise

Just a comment and a suggestion re the airport and unGodly noise.”But in Gypsum, complaints are few. “I haven’t heard any complaints from anybody,” says Tom Edwards, a Gypsum town councilman. Jeff Schroll, the town manager, reports occasional complaints, but not many.”

Tell Allen Best to contact a few more residents in Gypsum and ask them how they really feel. Even better, contact Gypsum’s pro-tem mayor and ask her how she feels about airplanes and noise. Her answers may just create a very interesting new column.

Jeff Schroll is completely out of touch with Gypsum residents. “My way or the highway” Gypsum’s motto. Rock on Roxie Deane. There are quite a few who agree with you, in Eagle and out.

Some explaining to do

Thank you, Steve Pope, for your insightful commentary on our school district and school board’s painfully misguided response to the court-ordered release of district e-mails to Mr. Cacioppo.

It seems that the school district may be irresponsibly spending taxpayer dollars. (The money) could have been put to better use. With an approximate $39 million budget, it surprised me that my young son’s classroom teacher only had a budget of $400 for this year. With about 18 children in this class, that $400 boils down to about $2.30 per child per month to provide classroom supplies, including paper. That (money lost to the e-mail battle) certainly would be appreciated by our hard-working, dedicated and excellent classroom teachers in this county, especially since the district receives $8,565 per child from the state to educate our children. I think the school district and our school board has some explaining to do, not to mention apologies.

Bleak prospects

Employment opportunities in the Vail vending machine valley: They are drudgery, humiliation, menial, slavery, and basically this entails our valley as a charity ball for the handicapped. Thank you very much. Have a nice day. K.J.Y.

Wouldn’t be Streetbeat

What’s wrong with the amphitheater for Streetbeat concerts and weekend concerts and stuff like that? Isn’t that what it’s there for?


I can’t believe that our tax dollars are now going to fund Speakout, a newspaper that’s only redeeming value is its usefulness as cat litter. At least now my cats can show not only what I think of Speakout, but what I think of two out of three of our county commissioners, and the only reason I’m calling this in instead of writing a letter is that I don’t want Cacioppo suing me or my cats.

In his paper

I have a tip for Mike Cacioppo. If he wants more e-mails, he should publish his e-mail address, because we would all be happy to send him some.

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