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Adult buys ticket

I just wanted to tell the person who called in about the kids not getting ID’d at the local theaters that accompaniment by adults to an R-rated movie is not a requirement. The adult is required to purchase the ticket and say that is OK for their child to attend the movie, but it is not necessary for that parent or guardian to attend that movie. Just wanted to clarify that.

Already enforced

The town of Vail’s decision to zealously enforce speed limits along I-70 through the town and spend money to take out full page advertisements in the Vail Daily touting this program not only seems like a waste of taxpayer money, but a duplication of the job the Colorado State Patrol is already doing in the area.

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You know if the officers in the police department have so much time on their hands, maybe a reduction in their ranks to save taxpayers some money is what’s called for, rather than having them lurking in the medians on I-70 with their radar guns trained on the passing traffic in the hopes of snaring someone who might be going a little bit over the limit. …

If they catch a few folks from the Front Range in this program, will this only reinforce the image that Vail is unfriendly?

Communities around the country who follow this kind of policy are called speed traps, and once this negative word gets out, local businesses usually suffer as people avoid going to the area.

This added revenue that they gain from the speeders isn’t worth the ill will the program can generate. That’s it.

Right on

My name is Sandy Brendan, I’ve lived in Vail 40 years. I was just reading in today’s paper in Quick Takes “A model of decency,” and I would just like to say D.R., right on, it’s beautifully written. And yes, why don’t we have somebody run that picture on your cover, because the Globe’s never going to do it, of the accusers mother standing up for her rights with the quote that she’s proud that she’s taught her about courage. Thanks for putting that in there. Take care.

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