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In this day and age when the whole world is in turmoil, and your neighbors can’t be trusted, there is one bright, shining star. Pat Tillman. … He’s not a selfish person. He left a wife and millions of dollars behind to go fight for his country, which is slowly turning into a big bag of crap. So at any rate, I’m going to pray for all you people, because there are no heroes, very few, like Pat Tillman. We’re stuck with people like Kobe Bryant.

Do something

This call is for the town of Avon. I was just wondering, if they’re going to remove a bridge, the one between the Tarnes and the west lot, why don’t they remove all of it? That huge monolith in the middle of the river just looks terrible. …

How thoughtful

… I think it’s nice that the police officers here are doing everything they can to make sure the people are not inconvenienced. when they’re racing through Red Cliff and on up to Leadville. I think that’s really nice of them.

Here it is

Someone was looking for Mike Cacioppo’s e-mail, and that is

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