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State of the art

This is Rick Cook over in Edwards. … Just wanted to remind the public once again that a new community park is scheduled to be built this year in Edwards, and the skate section will be state of the art, and for skateboarders and Roller Bladers alike. We will have sections of that park for beginners and experts also, so they have their own areas in the park. Definitely it will be for both boys and girls, and we also have close by a 2- to 5-year-old tot lot, and a 5- to 12-year-old recreational area play structure. … This is a state-of-the-art park, and if anyone has any questions, they can call me at 331-3533.

Cut off by cop

Be aware, drivers through Eagle-Vail. The Sheriff’s Office has no regard for the driving laws at present. I was just cut off at the Wal-Mart roundabout going down Highway 6 by a Sheriff’s Office officer who drove himself off the road. His license plate number was 054AZL. Then, when I called the Sheriff’s Office, they denied taking my complaint because it was the same shift. Just remember that next time you pay your taxes.

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Do fence us in

Attention travelers of I-70, please join me in an agonizing plea to CDOT to continue wildlife fences from Wolcott to Avon. The fences from Eagle to Wolcott have turned that once death-riddled roadway into an enjoyable ride. In the past month, my morning commute has become terrifying, having witnessed numerous animal-auto collisions. My heart hurts for the animal and the driver, the cost to both is devastating. To see an elk in all its magnificent beauty, helplessly lying still alive on the road is an image that doesn’t

seem right. Please, CDOT, the fences are successful. Please continue to install more between Wolcott and Avon. It would save lives, it would save property damage, please, please consider this.

I’ll remember

Bennett Pollock here. Regarding the school board-Cacioppo e-mail issue, the real damage being done here is that the next time the school board goes to the taxpayers looking for more money in the form of a tax increase, taxpayers are going to say, “Why should we give you more money when all you seem to do is spend it on lawsuits?” I know I will. Think about it.

Only one

I’m just frustrated because every time I drive through the school speed limit zone of 25 mph during the posted time zone time, I’m the only person who does the speed limit, and people honk their horns and flash their lights at me from behind, and people in front just haul through on 6 doing about 45 mph.

Where are the cops in the afternoons when they should be out guarding our students crossing the streets or on the shoulders of our roads? I ask you this, where? Where? I just want everyone to do the speed limit.

No apology owed

… This letter on Earl Bidez is way out of line. No one owes Earl Bidez an apology. Earl Bidez owes the people of Minturn an apology for trying to pull the wool over their eyes and acting inappropriately at the meetings and trying to shove something down somebody’s throat that they don’t want. Minturn has some of the greatest people on Earth living in its town, from all different walks of life. We live here, and we love our town, and it showed in our election. There’s also a couple of other people we’re going to get rid of come next election. Watch us. We are armed with votes and we care. We don’t need an RV park, nor anything like it. Minturn will grow slowly, hopefully. We don’t want to become another Vail. We don’t want to become Gypsum, or Avon, God forbid, or Edwards. We have a nice, quiet, tight community. People raise kids here. Everybody is very happy in Minturn now that the Nazis are gone.

You’re No. 1

Kudos to the Texaco in Edwards for having the highest gasoline prices probably in the state. Way to go guys, you’re number one.

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