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Right, education really does matter

I’m really shocked that they put in the newspaper “Immigration raid results in layoffs” and it says here in Heber City, the agency has been getting complaints that American citizens were laid off and illegal aliens were being hired, and this company totally broke the law just like most companies here in Eagle County. I will be calling immigration again … see if we can get them here, going after people’s jobs. Maybe we can get jobs back for all our newspaper reporters. Oh wait, it doesn’t affect them, does it?

Um, what boycott?

The person or persons responsible for the Speakout advertisers boycott list should know the following. Your shameful efforts have failed. Sound ethical business practices and quality products will always prevail over impulsive acts by vile enemies of the Constitution. Why did you waste your time with an advertiser boycott list anyway? Why didn’t you go after the real culprits?

Cacioppo told the school board that the ballot language was a violation of TABOR. He gave them more than adequate time to correct the language before the election. The school board’s defiance is the reason you do not at this point have a few extra bucks in your pocket. Lay the blame where it should land, get on with your life, and in the future, work very hard to counter your lack of impulse control.

Can’t hold that view

Shame on you for letting Mr. Matthew Bailey spread his paranoid beliefs about crime through your newspaper.

It’s a shame that after leaving the populated world where crime is a problem in major urban areas and coming up here and paying the money it takes to live here, we have to be subject to such paranoid beliefs that have no business in our valley.

Your binoculars?

I found some binoculars. If you think they might be yours, call 476-6136. They were found above the North Trail on a ridge in Vail.

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