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Snow job?

I would like to propose that one of the new streets with the snow melting system be renamed after Michael Cacioppo.

We’ve been offended

I just watched a wonderful piece on Fox News about Arabs and there was an Arab leader on speaking to Americans and how we can ingratiate ourselves so that the Arabs might embrace us, and I think we’ve got it all wrong. They seem to think that since we’re having difficulty in Iraq that they can tell us what to do. I don’t think so. We have our wonderful men and women in the armed services. They are putting their lives on the line for the Arabs, and I am sick and tired of the Arabs being offended. No more Arabs being offended. The USA is being offended because we were attacked solely on 9/11 and we are fighting back.

There’s an answer

I am reading this letter, “Wrong war,” from David Levine. I guess he does not feel that we should be there. Well, Saddam had graves that he threw all his countrymen in, open pits where he just threw bodies in. I do believe he has weapons of mass destruction, I do believe we should be there, but Bush is going about it all wrong. We need to just keep dropping bombs so our servicemen don’t get hurt. Then when we’re done, we go down and tell the good people, here’s a bunch of guns, you shoot the bad people. Make sure they’re all dead in three months and we’ll be back to supervise. Then you can place your new government in place and live happily ever after. But you can’t fight a war with your hands tied behind your back. We need many, many, many more bombs.

Fix that road

I would like to know when the roads department is going to fix that road that they destroyed in front of Country Club of the Rockies and Susie Apple’s Gateway project there. These people have made the area a much nice place, but the road sucks, and please put those tax dollars to work there. It’s just awful. It’s just terrible and needs to be improved or made back the way it was. .

Speed trap

Isn’t this interesting regarding the Vail speed trap: 56 warnings in week two of the Vail Police’s 65 max (on I-70 through Vail). Fifty-six warnings. Five (are) commercial (and) all the others passenger cars that don’t make the noise all these trucks do.

Gotta leave a name

I’m glad that Tom Stone returns your calls, because I called him 3 months ago, and I haven’t heard heads or tails from him yet, not that I care to, but election time is coming down and I will not be voting for him. If you can’t trust your commissioner, who can you trust to return your calls? But I’m glad I got my answer. Just like to let you know that.

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