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I am writing in support of Bill Kaufman for Eagle County sheriff. I believe that his 15 years of experience and dedication to the Sheriff’s Office make him the best candidate for the position. Mr. Kaufman’s experiences that I know of consist of, but are not limited to, the following: jail administration and assessment, detentions officer, DARE teacher, community policing administrator and trainer, road deputy in all areas of the county, coordinator of the sex offender registration and community notification programs, coordinator of Eagle County’s Keg Tag program, inmate work program, nationally certified as a child passenger safety technician, public information officer, coordination of incident command posts, Colorado Special Olympics Torch Run, and is very committed to community safety issues and community traffic issues.

From what I know, Bill dedicates his personal time to do car seat safety inspections and helps out those who have specific issues within the different housing developments in our county. Bill has initiative and listens to the voices of the community. A good example is the letter to the editor written not long ago about a resident in the Eagle-Vail area who was concerned about all of the trash along the river bank. Bill Kaufman arranged for the inmates to come out and clean up the debris the very next day. This is just one example that I know of, how Bill is committed to helping out our communities.

Along with his busy professional life, Bill is involved in raising his young sons and is very focused on school issues, public safety and the level of crime in our county. With his variety experience, knowledge and dedication, Bill gets my vote for our next sheriff. I hope that all of you will take time and make an educated vote on Nov. 5.

Feeling neglected

I deeply resent Tom Stone supporters placing a campaign sign in the Eby Creek Mesa open space. He did not ask me or my neighbors if he could place it there. I have lived here for seven years and I have never seen a county commissioner spend more of his time and my tax dollars on Edwards. He lives in Gypsum and supposedly represents Gypsum and Eagle people, yet he does not spend a dime on us downvalley people. His district does not even include Edwards. But since all the voters live there, he spends all our money there. Gerry Sandberg, will you represent the downvalley people?

Favorite for coroner

Why Kara Bettis would be a wonderful coroner and is running a terrific Campaign: Sincerely cares about the community and supporting it during a crisis. Going door-to-door to meet new people and listen to their needs and questions. Considerable medical experience, especially considering young age. Already has well-established rapport with local police and fire departments. Willingness to learn as well as educate while on the job. Excellent interpersonal skills honed by interaction with all types of clients in pharmaceutical setting. Serious dedication to position as demonstrated by prior experience as coroner deputy and during campaign. Committed to follow-up of autopsies and relating info. to families. Actively enlisted help and support from many facets including community leaders. Melanie

Plug for Kaufman

I want to say that I am a registered Republican and I am voting for Democrat Bill Kaufman because of the following: Of the 14 years he has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office he has held many positions and is aware of what it takes to run a well-balanced office with the staff, road deputy pool, jail, as well as manage mutual-aid agreements, fire marshal activities, and apply for and receive the necessary grants it takes to fund such other obligations like the wildfire management team that the Sheriff’s Office supplies. He has a pleasant personality and is willing to work as a team member in this community. He always has a smile on his face and has an open mind when it comes to working with the other agencies that support this valley. He wants to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. He is concerned about the kids growing up in this valley and is aware of the issues such as teen-age drinking and crimes associated with kids who grow up in a two parent and single parent working household. I support this candidate because I think he is the best man for the job!

Sign talk

I read with amusement Henri Stone’s challenge to Eagle County citizens to allow candidates for public office to place campaign signs on private property and to not remove or damage the signs. Mrs. Stone’s reference to the First Amendment right to free speech again puts her arm in arm with our favorite Eagle County gadfly, Michael Cacioppo.

These two chest-thumping, patriotic, self-righteous do-gooders continue to bang the drum of their God-given right to espouse their rightwing rhetoric.

The attempt to equate Al Queda terrorists with yard sign swipers seems to be quite a leap! … Henri Stone and Mike Cacioppo’s right to free speech steps all over our collective right to stop littering.

Anti-immigrant vote

I am calling about the Tipsline on “pro 31” and I am voting yes on that, because I am tired of all these unspeaking English people that are taking advantage of our system, our schools, our students are getting behind. … They’re taking advantage of our system.

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