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328-TIPSDaily staff reportRip-offWould somebody please explain to me why gasoline is 40 cents a gallon cheaper in Summit County than Eagle County? Clearly we’re getting ripped off by our gas station owners.Good moveCongratulations to the Avon Town Council for having the fortitude and the foresight to turn down the large Vail Resorts employee housing project on Nottingham Road. The residents of Avon do not have the responsibility to solve Vail Resorts’ employee housing problem. Let the resort company house their employees on their own property within their resort so they can manage and enforce the many problems that arise from seasonal workers.Because they can?I’m just commenting about how come West Vail gas stations don’t post their gas prices. Only the Conoco does, the other two don’t, the ones that are right at the roundabout, and I thought there was a federal law that says those have to be posted. Also, how come they say that there’s no price fixing going on, the last time they did a study they didn’t find any, and yet gas is $2.28 in Edwards and $1.91 in Silverthorne. Their excuse was always higher labor cost and higher land cost, but certainly Edwards’ cost of living should be comparable to Silverthorne. So somebody should look into that. Old historyThis is about the what’s going on the prison scandal in Iraq, but I have to say one thing. I just saw a snippet a couple of hours earlier about Teddy Kennedy standing up and saying that the U.S. all of a sudden we have fallen backwards because namely Republicans. We have done the immoral thing. Well Mr. Kennedy, we need to look at your record in Chappaquiddick and the only reason you are in Congress is your name alone. Chappaquiddick? Anyone get it? Talk about moral authority. You ought to be in jail. Give your nameThis is Allen Holland from Minturn calling. If you’re going to put things in Tipsline, please give your name to those things in Tipsline, as I’ve been accused of putting things in the paper that I have no idea where they came from or how they got there. So if you’re going to put something in Tipsline regarding Minturn, please have the nerve to put your name to it. Why trucks there?I was wondering what is happening with the trucks all parked at the Eagle Town Park. It’s become a big truck parking lot. I wonder if the town of Eagle is making some money on the side or if this is something that the new town council members need to address is truck parking, because it is really causing problems with usage of the park, so maybe this is something the town could look into. Otherwise, maybe they should open up to all the trucking companies, like Lafarge and all of them and let them park all the big trucks there. So just a comment and maybe the Eagle town leaders would like to take a look at that.Impeach ’emPresidency? What presidency? Yes I think it’s about time somebody started impeachment proceedings against our President Bush and Cheney. Just like they did against Clinton and they did against Nixon. They really should be shaken up a little bit. It’s about time they got a little bit of their own medicine and good luck. Peace.

Girls, girlsPage 2 of Tuesday’s edition had a photo of a group of Kobe Bryant’s admirers. They were young women about the age of his accuser. The irony of their being there to show support for him was not noted in the caption. Meanwhile, in Boulder, the CU sports and sex inquisition continues. It appears that there is a culture there of binge drinking, wild parties, and lack of modesty by women. Any mention of this factor is attacked by feminists who say that is attacking women. When are women going to accept some responsibility for the treatment they complain about? If they act like they have no self-respect, what should they expect?Straight scoopA couple of years ago people living in Colorado started asking me what, if anything, can be done about certain major issues that are being ignored by our elected officials. Call your government. Fax and write them all for free through This organization has no hidden agendas or mass-e-mailings. Just pure effectiveness. I always give the straight scoop on anything I write and this is one of them. Remember, there is power in numbers and knowledge. Speak up, it works. Marty.Better than curbThis is in response to the tip on Thursday, May 13, “Not thrilled” about the skateboard park. This person being very unhappy about the skateboard park going in. Just like to let them know that if they would prefer, we could find where they live and session a little curb in front of their house into the wee hours of the morning or we could have skateboarding in a nice, controlled environment. It’s their choice.We doI’m just calling regarding the gas prices in the valley. Just curious if you guys could list the gas stations that have the best or cheapest gas in the valley. That would be great for locals.Editor’s note: Most Saturdays the Daily runs a listing of gas prices in the valley and elsewhere. Just talkI was just wondering if the majority of the people that call in to the Tipsline understand how truly illiterate they sound.A little offI was about to call Tipsline and congratulate our kids for either number one not drinking or number two not getting caught, and I had just read the comment “We’re drinking.” That is awesome. Whoever thought all that up, you did a great job, and I’m real proud of you that you didn’t get in trouble. I’ve let my kids drink since they were 2. They’re not in high school anymore, and they understand that the cops are just out to protect us. They have nothing better to do. I think we need a few more doughnut shops around, just so we know where these people are, and I tip my hat to all the kids that did drink and did drink responsibly and didn’t get caught, because the police are not here to help you, they are here to hurt you. Just look at all the MIPs and DUIs we have nowadays. And yes, it is bad to drink and drive, I hope none of you drink and drive. At any rate, great job, and please be careful at graduation and don’t get caught. Because you people do have a life, and yes it is OK for kids to drink. You can go and give your life in a war in Iraq but you can’t have a beer? Come on, let’s be realistic, and keep those guys in the doughnut shop where they belong.Fresh startI think people should quit focusing on the old Minturn government and realize how miserable everyone was. Look at those old meetings and see what happened. Now look at the new meetings and see how happy everybody is. Minturn is a breath of fresh air now. Let’s go forward, let’s go positive, let’s go with our new and great government, and remember, harboring farm animals is illegal in Minturn.

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