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What, no kids?This is to the person who called in to Tipsline about the skateboarders, “Not thrilled.” Well, I think that would be really something nice for our skateboarders to do. What does she want, a bar? Or what? Or doesn’t she have kids? I’d rather have the kids skateboarding all night then out in the bar drinking all night and driving, or doing drugs. You tell me, what’s up here for the kids to do? And you complain because they skateboard? Don’t you get it?In response to the Tipsline “We’ve been offended”: We’re in Iraq right now, and Afghanistan or Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are responsible for 9/11, so maybe you could pass that on to that person so they don’t get confused. Rummy’s least of itEverything in Iraq is going wrong, and we’re more concerned with Rumsfeld’s potential resignation and the atrocities that we’ve witnessed on national news.

Fear and loathingHere’s a message to all Minturn residents: They’re still trying to slam the RV park through. So we need to deal with it and handle it in the proper manner with votes. We need to keep our eyes on the Town Council and the Town Council meetings, and by the way, there were two RVs parked side by side in the Shop ‘n’ Hop open lot, and they looked just great. Maybe we should have about 100 more of them.United voteI think it’s pretty amazing that somebody called in Tipsline and wanted to know if we’re all idiots here in Minturn. Nope, we’re united, and educated, and we care. That’s why we voted the way we did. Have you ever seen an election that united and that one-sided? We’re sick of all the crap that went on, so let’s drop it and move forward. We’ve got a great community here and we’ve got a better council, and wait till you see what happens next time we vote. …Not a ‘bike’ pathThis is in response to the Saturday May 15, Tipsline, “Bike path not being used.” It’s not a bike path, it’s a recreational path, which means it’s got multi-use. There are people running, people walking their pets, children using the path and people walking their babies and using baby strollers. Bikers have just as much right on the road as any vehicle. …, so slow down, relax and share the road. If you’d like to discuss this further, my name is Marty Golembiewski.

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