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Don’t like itRegarding Bair Ranch and Joy Overbeck’s letter to the editor, why were none of the other parcels in Eagle County included for discussion before we throw two million of our dollars at land we cannot see nor access? Why are these groups pushing to spend our $2 million on their pet project? Why is the Bair Ranch being crammed down our throats? Let’s discuss the parcels we can see and/or access. In response to Joy’s letter, Don Rogers states there will be 5,000 sheep. We would spend two million of our dollars so 5,000 sheep can eat everything in sight and then dump giardia all over the place? Let’s look at some alternatives rather than spending our money on a private enterprise. Where are the people who were going ballistic over a measly $5,000 of our dollars to post public notices in Speakout? There are better choices other than Their Ranch.Road bikesRegarding the indignant callers concerned with cyclists not using the bike path, the path is a safe and convenient way for pedestrians, cyclists and families with bicycles to access different parts of the valley. However, there is no legal obligation for cyclists to use the bike path. In fact, most of the cyclists that so inconveniently hinder your progress are considered road cyclists, and their bicycles are marketed as road bikes. Conversely, you as a motorist have a legal responsibility to respect, avoid and share the road with these cyclists. Don’t let your impatience to be somewhere handicap your ability to think critically and relax. My name is Jay Rush.Fenced offI’m wondering why Cordillera is being allowed to build a fence on the shoulder of Squaw Creek Road. It’s very unsafe. It does keep recreational users from parking on the sides of the county road, but it certainly does seem dangerous to eliminate a shoulder with a fence. It’s a county road. I’m wondering why they’re being allowed to do that. Last time I checked, the Cordillera private estate gates did not start off right off Highway 6, but it certainly feels like it now.Matter anymore?What happened to the lynx? Just wondering if Vail Resorts has completely forgotten about Category 3’s problems, and whether or not the lynx is a viable habitat in Category 3 or not, or at we know as Blue Sky Basin. Just curious, and wondering if anybody still cares.Angry about waterAs a resident of Red Cliff, I’m getting just a little bit upset about hearing all the newspaper articles about our water supply. I’m just over it. I wish they’d fix the damn thing, because I’m the one that’s getting sick. I feel the brunt of all the BS in the paper, but nobody is doing anything about my bowels. I’m the one who has to deal with it. About the only thing murky is my toilet bowl and my intestines. I’m getting sick of this. The town manager needs to fix it. We need to stop writing about it, and start doing something about it. I’m over it.Fence worksI-70 travelers between Edwards and Avon? Animal parts scattered across the interstate are not just a part of living in the mountains. Monday, May 17, 7:20 a.m. commute: Once again, the scene of both animal and personal destruction. The wildlife fences work. We have proof from Wolcott to Eagle. They work, they work, they work. Call CDOT, call CDOT, call CDOT. Truck parkingI just wonder if the Eagle Town Board is going to do anything about the Eagle Town Park turning into a truck parking lot. Seems to be a lot of big rigs parking over there and not much space for other people to park and enjoy the baseball games. So just wondering if the town of Eagle was going to do anything about that or if they’re going to start letting all trucks park there. So just a hint that they might want to take a look at that.BoilingI’m calling on the Vail Daily of Monday, May 17, “Water threat lurking in Red Cliff.” I’m a resident of Red Cliff and I was just wondering. We have gotten all these grants through the past years. I want to know where all that money is going to, because even though they say they have gotten grants for $460,000, the water plant is still the same way. It has never changed, they do a little work on it down there and then it’s back, boom, doing the same thing all over again. We residents here have to boil our water for everything, plus on top of that pay our fees for our water. I think this is ridiculous. I think someone is pocketing that money, because it is ridiculous how much money and help we have gotten from the state and the water plant still has not been fixed.Building permits?I’m just wondering with the water and sewage treatment problems in Red Cliff if that means that Eagle County will stop issuing building permits until the town of Red Cliff gets in compliance. Not impressedI am someone who figured out rather quickly after hiring PRM Management that their accountant, Brandon Outlaw, was allegedly embezzling. The fact that it took Mr. Poppleton one and a half years to figure it out is amazing. Had he not been confronted by clients, I doubt he still would have figured it out. Had Mr. Poppleton looked at one bank statement or reviewed anything Mr. Outlaw was doing, he would have figured out what was going on immediately. Poppleton claims to have great financial expertise, but he doesn’t seem to understand some of the basic accounting principles like job separation and reviewing your employees’ work. Many of the homeowners associations and others that were embezzled from took a lot of time to put together the paperwork, as Poppleton had no idea where to even start putting this paperwork together. And now we’ve been allegedly stolen from by his employee, and he’s asking all of us and the rest of the Eagle County taxpayers to pay him for his lack of professionalism. … Campfires left ablaze(Recently) my sister and I put out two campfires which the wind had blown up and were raging out there in Radium, out there by the hot springs. There were also beer bottles lying around, beer bottles in the fire, but two unattended raging campfires. Bad news. That could get the whole area shut down. Fear of RVsI just have to comment on Georgette Van Buren’s letter in the Vail Daily regarding Minturn. We just developed the two ends of town and our town will grow slowly with our new government in place. I think the people voted whatever they wanted on an RV park. Yes, there will be parks. Yes, there will be lights. We don’t need to over-build and over-develop so fast like the rest of Eagle County. You’ll make plenty of money. You’ve survived. We’re all survived. Keep Minturn Minturn. Maybe you should buy a house in town and understand what RVs do. An RV came by my house the other day and it was disgusting. Can you imagine a couple of them? Because we’re not going to get a lot. We don’t want it. That land should be used for parks, not RV parks and open space and responsible, respectable growth. Well, limit is 75Here’s a tip to everyone who doesn’t like the war and the gas prices. 1. Don’t be speeding. I was doing 65 down the highway the other day and everybody passed me. Why? They don’t care about gas prices if they’re doing 75-80 down the highway. 2. If you don’t like the war, support Conoco, they don’t buy foreign oil. 3. Ride your bikes, you morons.Getting personalThe world according to King Tom: Excuse me, Tom, but I recall you personally publicly and politically humiliating Arn Menconi who was elected just like you from the chairmanship. Twice you screwed him, and for you to take the position that he’s personally attacking you at this point is incredibly ludicrous. Gotta be conspiracyHow interesting that the Vail Daily printed an article about the Leadville commuters not following the rules – the U.S. 24 Red Cliff bridge closure – on a Saturday, when most of the Leadville contingency is not around to read it. How absurd to say we are making it take longer. How? We are going nowhere near the construction, which is the bridge itself.Saved some moneyThere was a great little article Tuesday, May 18, and it said “good dog” about a German shepherd who got shot in the line of duty and died. A 5-year-old German shepherd saved two police officers’ lives. John Martin Martinez came out of a window firing, and people say there is no God. Then went back inside and shot and killed himself. There is a God. This guy took his own life. He saved us taxpayers a lot of money, the lawyers and judges and the court system, the prison system. All those tax dollars. Yes, there is a God.

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