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Poker, anyone?Where are all the poker players in this valley? All throughout Colorado and the nation, poker’s been taking off again. It’s been given new life, yet I can’t find anybody in the valley that plays poker. Why don’t we all get together, get some games going? Let’s not be lame anymore, let’s get together on this.Tax ’emThis is in response to the “Not a bike path” in Tipsline. When bikers can pay $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 for a bike to ride on the highway that pays absolutely no user tax, then when they want to pay $400 or $500 for license plates for their bike, they can ride on the highway, I have no problem with that. Cite themEagle County and the Colorado Department of Transportation has a “share the road” program, which I’m just fine with. But when Eagle County, ECO and the various towns from Gypsum to Vail have spent millions of dollars for bike paths, I think that the bicycles should ride the bike paths that are probably less than 20 yards away, parallel with Highway 6. I don’t mind sharing the road where there’s no bike path. But if there’s a bike path, they should use it. I would encourage Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, the various towns throughout the valley, and the Colorado State Patrol to initiate a ticket program to ticket bicycle riders that are not using their bike paths that us taxpayers have spent so much money to build, millions of dollars, in fact, and you may sign my name, Danny Lister, to this. Too many copsI was thinking about my Memorial Day weekend in Vail. Let’s see, I was pulling down Vail Pass heading into Vail Village, where I wanted to go to lunch, and all of a sudden you get pulled over by Vail Police for going 66 in a 65 zone, and then you’re ticketed because as you’re pulling over they notice that perhaps you didn’t have a seat belt on, which is OK I guess. But then I didn’t want to go to lunch in Vail, I wanted to go to lunch in Eagle-Vail, and sure enough you go through a sobriety checkpoint put on by the local Sheriff’s Office, which kind of turned me off. I hadn’t been drinking, that’s fine, so I said maybe I’ll go to Edwards for lunch, and sure enough I got on the highway and got pulled over by a state trooper, this time not for speeding – this time not for anything other than going too slow. The speed limit was 75 mph, I was going 65 and they thought maybe I’d been drinking.At this point I realized that Vail wasn’t the place for me, and in fact I wasn’t even sure it was Vail. You know, if I’m a local and I drive from Vail Village to my home in West Vail, I will see three or four PDs. Three of them might be local, one might be a sheriff, one might be a Colorado State Patrol. I no longer live in Vail. I live in Nazi Germany.Mag panicI really appreciated the Vail Daily’s piece by Allen Best on Steve Zorichak’s take on magnesium chloride. However, there’s a lot of things he missed. I’ve got asthma. Whenever I wash our vehicles, I can’t breathe. Whenever they lay that stuff down, I can’t breathe. The highway department laid down mag chloride in March and April, and God only knows if they’ve put any down in May. They’re not allowed to lay it down over 25 degrees. It’s dangerous. Also, there were numerous accidents in April, May and March on dry roads. These people need to slow down, drive courteous, and buy proper tires. But I guess that’s asking a lot. Mag chloride and Agent Orange are the same chemicals. There’s no difference. They’re hazardous to our health. Also, the county commissioners were given an inch thick stack of literature on mag chloride last year. Nothing got done. They’re been told about it, by me, for years, nothing got done. Government doesn’t help us, they hurt us, so now there’s all kinds of studies out. This stuff is terrible. Please get it off our roads and enforce our laws, drive courteous, this is not California or New York. Well, maybe I’m wrong. Thanks a lot for your great article. Anthony J. Aiello.Why fence?I’m also wondering why, after reading the Tipsline “Fenced off,” why does Cordillera put that fence on the shoulder? It seems to me shoulders are there for a reason, for people who maybe break down, people who want to take a hike, maybe people who are fishing, various reasons, carpooling. I’d like to see those shoulders come back. We’re putting up too many fences, too many gates, give us a break here. What have you turned this community in to? I’d like to fence all of you people out of this community.Boys in spandexThis is Tony from Wolcott. I would just like to say thank you to all the men and women in uniform that are taking the extra care this week to keep our streets safe Memorial weekend. Just a thought, though, maybe they could pull over some of those boys in spandex that insist on riding tandem and sometimes three abreast on Highway 6 between Edwards and Eagle. We all know that it’s just a matter of time before the unavoidable does happen in this small little community that is so overgrown. It’s just called common sense.

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