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My money tooI’m calling in response to David Miller’s letter to the editor on Monday regarding Bair Ranch. In it he states that he doesn’t trust the elected representatives in our county to spend “his money.” In fact, we live in a representative democracy, and part of that means that we elect our representatives with the stipulation that they will get the information and spend the tax money in the best way that they see fit. If Mr. Miller questions how our current county commissioners are spending our tax money, then he has an option. He should run for office and become a representative. Then he would be able to have much greater say in deciding how “our” money is spent. Whining about BairIn Wednesday’s paper the question was posed, can someone tell us what happens when 5,000 sheep trample and chew up the pristine acres of the Bair Ranch? Well, I can tell you what will happen, and you can see for yourself what will happen. Go to the national forest where the government is leasing land to ranchers for dirt cheap for their cows to run all over uncontrolled, tear up the ground and eat all the vegetation and pollute all the streams with their cowpies. So that’s what’s going to happen. So what else is new? I’m not supporting it, but I’m just saying that you need to look around, quit whining about the Bair Ranch and look at what’s going on in the forest that surrounds your house, and our whole valley.Watch that boardDid anyone notice the Vail Recreation District Board just voted to use the revenue from the property tax increase to fund the golf course? Prior to the election, we were told that the funds would be used for all of the recreation programs, not just golf. Keep your eyes on these guys, they will be coming back for more of your money this November.Standing waterHere’s a tip for the mosquito hunters. You guys might want to check the banks of our newly refurbished river here in Minturn where we’ve got huge pools of standing water on the banks. It probably would be a good place to start. Things are looking great out here in Minturn.Wants revengeRegarding the yes on Bair Ranch project, I’m hoping all these smart voters come out next election and I hope we show that Menconi character the door, and also good riddance to Michael Gallagher. That’s all I have to say, my name is Wes. What about me?Hey county commissioners, let’s spend a few thousands more dollars and put up a billboard with an arrow pointing south to the sagebrush and advising everyone traveling on I-70 to enjoy the $2 million view, compliments of the Eagle County taxpayers. What a bunch of sheep dung. How about a hundred thousands dollars or so to me to keep my lawn green and I’ll even let people come and sit on it for $100 each to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. GrandstandingTom Stone’s comment at the Bair Ranch meeting calling to limit the mountain property to wilderness access only is clearly and purely a political statement. It’s a slap in the face to any intelligent person who follows anything in this valley regarding wilderness. …Single file, bicyclistsHey bikers, share the road really means share the lane. …

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