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Some Americans are Muslim, BubbaHi country, God bless the USA, but I’ll tell you, look at the news. There are people standing up more for Ramadan and the rights of Muslims then they are for our own kids to share God and their country in the USA. Wake up, America, or you won’t have America pretty soon.Turn signal, dudeThis message goes out to the blue minivan with the bike rack on top … . You have a Jesus fish on the back of your van. Do me a favor. In the future, do what Jesus would do, OK? Make sure that you use your turn signal and you don’t cut me off right before the Edwards exit. That’s not cool. My name is Tim, I live in West Vail.Crazy driverThere have already been two Tipslines about the Animal Control employee that drives like a total jerk. I, too, have seen this person driving like an absolute moron. He should be fired and his boss should be fired, because they all know about it.A good thingHi America, I just have to tell you, look at the good things that the coalition is doing right now. I honestly in my heart believe that this is going to be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to our country, vis a vis Iraq. It is going to be one of the greatest days in our country’s history as well as Iraq. Let’s have a little patience, please, these people want to be free. …Can’t believe itI’d like to say I was very disappointed that the Vail Daily called for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. I can’t believe you would do that. … Donald Rumsfeld resigning? Are you joking, Vail Daily?Headless ShrekI was just calling to say I noticed that the giant green Shrek on the Burger King in Eagle has been seriously decapitated. I wonder if this was vandalism, maybe failure of equipment or perhaps a general outcry against this miserable mass marketing that we have going on. Just curious.There 100 yearsTo the person that called about the sheep at the sheep ranch. I may be just a redneck from Eagle, but put down the stupid stick and quit hitting yourself. Put on your Birkenstocks and go have a latte.

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