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Go with flowHere is a tip to all the cyclists that ride towards oncoming traffic. Cyclists are supposed to ride with the flow of traffic, I believe from both a safety point of view and a legal point of view. It makes it problematic when you’re riding against the flow of traffic for other cyclists, not to mention for all other vehicles. Ride with the flow of traffic. Stole my helmetThis is to the person who stole my helmet off the stage at 8150 on a recent Friday night. How stupid can you be? You stole a helmet, you or whoever wears that helmet will surely get seriously hurt wearing it. You probably don’t even kayak (a kayaker wouldn’t steal such a thing), so return it! It is difficult to appeal to someone’s sense of conscience in a case like this, but I will try. Dude, you stole someone’s prize that they bought a lot of raffle tickets to win. It is a fund-raiser for a good cause, and there you are stealing. That is absolutely pathetic and you must be a pretty pathetic person. Think about it and yourself. Do the right thing and give it back before you get hurt wearing it. Return it to 8150, Alpine Kayak, Mountain Quest or put P.O. Box 2092, Avon 81620 on the helmet and leave it at the post office or police station. It is not too late to redeem yourself. Thanks, Squinch, 845-0495. There aren’t too many helmets like this one, so chances are good you will be caught wearing this helmet.I’ll take roadThis is in response to the “Tax them on the bike path” in Tipsline. I own a car that I pay taxes on, and when I am using my bike on the road I’m not using my car on the road. So how about if you give me a refund for each time that I ride my bike on the road and take up one-tenth of the space as you do in your car, as well as not putting out any air pollution while I’m doing it, let alone noise. Also, it’s in response to “Cite them” with us supposed to be getting tickets if we don’t ride on bike paths. Well, you try stopping your car 12 times going uphill like that spot through Edwards on the bike path and then tell me how much you like it, because I’d rather ride my bike on the road through there. As far as real bike riders, why should we have to ride on the path strewn with people walking their dog without leashes, little kids in trailers, people having picnics in the middle of the path, like the Vail bike path? So these are issues if you would just put shoulders on the roads, the real bike riders would use those.Too muchI would like to comment on a Tipsline Thursday, June 3, “Too many cops.” I had the same experience, downvalley Gypsum area. Police everywhere, feeling like they were invading my privacy and my rights. My children even said exactly the same thing that ends up in Tipsline call. It says I live in Nazi Germany, and my fifth-grade son said Mom, I feel like we live in a communist area. I believe police need to watch out for that, but I feel when they have the roadside sobriety checkpoints and they’re pulling everybody over, I feel like this is an invasion of our privacy. I feel like maybe need to be spending more time on the important things and not on the innocent consumers. It is a construction zoneMy tip is for the construction people that are working in the Vail Village. It’s a real challenge to bike through there these days and I’ve been trying to on the bike path, and these construction workers aren’t watching where they’re going, and I’ve had two collisions now on my bike with these construction people, so they should just heads up, they’re on the bike path.God blessThank you for listening. Ronald Reagan died today and I would just like to say on behalf of anyone who is good and decent, God bless you, Mr. Reagan. Thank you for what you did for our country.

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