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Headline not enough You really blew it this time. To relegate the picture of one of the greatest presidents of our time to the second page of your paper was totally stupid and insensitive. I think even Mike Cacioppo would consider the end of the life of an American hero to be worthy of the front page. Think about it.Enough alreadyIt looks like Magnus Lindholm needs to control even more land in Eagle County. He’s asking the U.S. Forest Service for an easement to slash across the Forest Service parcel north of Paddy’s. Magnus, enough is enough, the Village at Avon is a monster already. Fellow citizens, send your comments to the forest service about why a road trail and utility corridor on this nice 80 acres of forest service land will hurt our environment and our community. Your comments need to get to the district ranger, Cal Webstein, by Monday, June 14th. Reference: the Village at Avon road trail utilities corridor in your e-mail, and e-mail to, waterI’d like to know what’s wrong with the town of Gypsum, ordering their people to put grass lawns in. Gypsum for the most part, is sage, gypsum, dust, dust, and dust. Between them and the magnesium chloride and the highway department telling us to wash our vehicles after every storm, where’s all the water coming from, where’s all the water going? But wait, we’ve got to conserve water. Hey, with all the golf courses and everybody putting grass where there used to be rocks and dirt, where do you think all our water’s going?That’s a crimeJust read about illegal immigration in the mountains June 13. Wonder if Carbondale City Councilman Scott Chaplin knows that aiding known illegals is a felony, that all non-profits and governments are not exempt from prosecution? And wonder if the Colorado public knows that they can sue for major dollars as citizens under the RICO law for any personal impact due to aiding or abetting illegals? No specific knowledge needed, folks. A newspaper article will suffice. H.M.

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