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I want to say I’m a registered Republican and I’m voting for Democrat Bill Kaufman because of the following: Of the 15 years he’s been employed with the Sheriff’s Office, he has held many positions and is aware of what it takes to run a well-balanced office, with the staff, road deputy pool, jail as well as manage mutual aid agreements, fire marshal activities, and apply for and receive the necessary grants it takes to fund such other obligations as the wildfire management team that the sheriff’s office supplies.

He has a pleasant personality and is willing to work as a team member in this community. He always has a smile on his face and has an open mind when it comes to working with the other agencies that support this valley. He wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. He is concerned about the kids growing up in this valley and is aware of the many issues, such as teenage drinking, and crimes associated with kids who grow up in a two parent or a single parent household. I support this candidate because I think he’s the best one for the job.

No convention center

3D this. Did you know that convention centers are at the end of their popularity? Corporations are finding with e-mail communications so effective and with economic downswings that convention costs are one item they’re eagerly cancelling. Let’s not get caught in this downturn. Vote no on the convention center, or you’re going to regret it.

Education failure

This is in response to Heather Goodrich of Eagle. The ESL program has been in place for over 20 years, and they have failed to teach these students how to speak English. The reason they have failed, is because they take these students and for six years they teach them how to read and write in their own language before they even began to teach them English, and I think that the English immersion program is going to work. I don’t know if Heather is a teacher, or why she is so involved in this ESL program, but I do know that a lot of people say to vote no for Amendment 31 because it’s for their own personal gain.

Now we all know that the philanthropist out of Fort Collins only donated all that money because it would personally gain her. Her child is involved in a dual program, and it’s very admirable for an Anglo person to know how to speak two languages. That is just for her own personal gain, not that she is concerned for these immigrants who come here and can speak Spanish only.

Even the parents of the immigrants would like for their children to speak English, because they’re in a different country now, a country where they speak English, and it is for their own good that they learn to speak English and it should be through English immersion because ESL, as we all can see, has failed. If they’re behind their peers it’s because the ESL has failed them. So all those ESL teachers out there, you did not do your job, and therefore now we have an amendment to vote on, and I say vote yes because it would do the immigrants a favor. Let’s not give them a crutch. Let’s have them learn the language of the country that they are living in. In the long run, they will be up there with their peers.

Oh, dear

I just finished reading the Vail Daily editorial that supported Tom Stone as the best choice for Eagle County commissioner. The editorial suggested that Stone might like to run for the state House of Representatives. While that might be true, what the editorial did not say is that Stone does not want to run this year because he doesn’t think he can beat Carl Miller. Stone wants to wait two years so Miller is term-limited and cannot run. If Stone wins the House seat he would leave his commissioner office and get his wife appointed to finish out his term as commissioner.

The editorial also indicated that Stone is not popular with the employees of Eagle County. That is an understatement. The county employees have observed Stone taking credit for things he did not do and making changes which benefit Stone at the expense of the taxpayers.

An example is the Ford Expedition provided by the taxpayers that Stone treats as his personal vehicle. He even lets his wife drive the Expedition, which is contrary to the county vehicle use policy. The commissioners did not have county vehicles assigned to them until Stone became commissioner. Now all the commissioners have county vehicles for their personal use.

The county manager would also have us believe that it is cheaper to give the commissioners a personal vehicle and all the gas they care to use. That is just nonsense, because the commissioners have logged 21,730 miles this year, and at the reimbursement rate of 32-1/2 cents a mile, that equals $7,062, which is far less than the cost of three vehicles, plus gas, plus maintenance.

Another part of the problem is that Stone has authorized the county manager and the county attorney to have county vehicles assigned to them. These people are paid over $100,000 a year by the taxpayers and they are given a vehicle to drive to work at the taxpayer expense.

The commissioners and the county managers must think the taxpayers are stupid, or we are not watching how they spend the taxpayers’ money.

Voice of reason

I’m calling to say that I am supporting Gerry Sandberg for commissioner in the upcoming election. Tom Stone has been divisive and polarizing, and his wife Henri enjoys intimidating people. Sandberg is a calm and reasonable voice with many years of public service, and he will bring harmony to the commissioner’s office and definitely, he will build better relationships with the town.

Better vote, GOP

Attention all Republicans. Be sure to get out and vote. Don’t let the Democrats decide what’s going to happen in your life. I challenge you, Republicans, get out and vote.

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