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328-TIPSDaily staff reportLook, it’s simplePretty interesting that we get another article in the newspaper about the RV park in Minturn. Listen, once it comes to a vote, we’re going to vote it out. It’s real simple. I’d rather watch grass grow. I’d rather pick my nose. Why are you wasting the time and taxpayer dollars of the people in Minturn. Are you kidding me? Figure it out. Jim Popek put it perfectly. They have a refrigerator, they have food, they’re not going to dinner. Why waste our beautiful land? We don’t want it. Figure it out, and we’ll vote it down. No doubt in my mind.Common sense? I love Vail Valley. The place is unbelievable, but everyone has to admit, half the valley here is … alcoholic posers, and now we’ve got parents saying we should allow our kids to drink. Yes, so they can join the crowd and everyone can be alcoholics, and get DUIs and keep the lawyers happy. This makes a lot of sense. Whoever that parent was who said that kids should be able to drink should think twice. Aloha.There you goI think there should be supervised drinking for our teenagers. Let them do it socially and in a way that’s supervised so that they’ll be safe and won’t be hurting themselves. Re-elect Bush. Caller’s assessmentAssessor’s contributions to Eagle County: 1. She has driven four employees from the Assessor’s Office, including the most experienced appraiser the office had. Check with the HR department. 2. She only comes to the office two or three days a week and normally arrives after 10. Call the office and ask for the assessor any day at 9 a.m. 3. She will adjust your property value if you contribute to her campaign. Look at Mr. Forstman’s property in Beaver Creek. 4. She made a campaign promise that she would obtain an appraiser’s license. Ask her if she has a license yet. 5. She refuses to cooperate with other elected officials. Ask the county clerk if her office is supported by the assessor. 6. If the Democratic Party can find anyone to run for assessor, they will be better than the current assessor.Real grammarianI’m calling regarding the headline today, Monday, June 14, about the wolf being found on I-70 an hour’s drive from Eagle County. I was just curious, I was unaware that wolves were driving, and I was just curious if they were able to ascertain how this wolf had fallen out of his car.Too muchThe crew that lives in Wildridge in Avon is tired of the construction seven days a week. Not just the noise and the traffic, but just basically the reduction of any kind of solitude up there. Call your town councilman.Let’s bring on the Boss!Hi folks. Bennett Pollock here. Once again, Erika and I would like to thank the people responsible for bringing South Side Johnny and the Asbury Jukes to Beaver Creek this past weekend. Once again, we were treated to a fun, high energy, soulful band with a smoking horn section. We loved it, and it looked like everyone else did, too. Let’s take this one step further. We’d like to suggest a triple crown of a different sort. Since we didn’t get the World Cup-World Freestyle deal, how about the New Jersey rock ‘n’ roll triple crown. You see first there was Clarence Clemons and the Temple of Soul. Next we had South Side Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. The triple crown, and the logical conclusion has to be: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Let’s bring the Boss to the valley If we imagine it, we can do it. Thanks again for the great entertainment.Mike’s the real cheaterIt was an interesting quote in today’s Vail Daily by Mike Cacioppo. He said it cost them $117,000 in legal fees to cheat. Cacioppo continues to be confused. He’s the one who cheated the school district of $117,000 that could have been used to hire staff to increase student achievement and reduce the class size, which is what the voters wanted. Congrats, Eagle County School District, on your perseverance and a job well done. Maybe Mike will move out of town now. We can only hope.Clean it upTo the list of streets where residents need to clean their property, may I add the east end of Chamonix, old tires, motorcycles, trailers and other assorted trash that needs to be hauled away. I expect to see old couches and refrigerators in their yards now any day now.CU? LaterAll I can say is, thank God I don’t go to CU, and all your parents out there, I would not be sending my kids there in the future. That place has a lot of problems and needs to work a lot of things out.

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