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UnbelievableIt’s another call in regards to the pole. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? As sensitive as environmental issues are in this region, as sensitive as development is in this region, how in the world did this ever occur? Shame on you, whoever allowed these people to put this in … You have no clue. As for the developer, I think if you want to continue developing this area, you need to think very hard and very strong about either removing or seeking some guidance from your constituents, the people that you have to live next to, because this is unbelievable that this occurred. I will not be at the coronation. I will not be at the Town of Avon celebration on July 3. I will be celebrating July 4 on July 4 in a different location, and I’ve been a resident for a long time. I’m very ashamed and I’m very disheartened by the fact that this was able to occur in my community. Town of Avon, rise up. Let these people know, both the town of Avon and the developer, that this is a totally unacceptable situation and it needs to be changed. Nice tryI’m calling regarding the new flagpole between Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and I walk to Wal-Mart every day, and I think the white steeple that is on Nottingham Ranch Road at the church right there is much more noticeable than the flagpole and from a distance it doesn’t even seem like it’s that much smaller. I just think the white is much more noticeable than the purple, the purple kinda blends it. Just wanted to give my opinion. Thanks. Respect for troopsI’m calling about the flagpole at my Wal-Mart. I don’t see anything wrong with that, if they are going to put the United States flag up there. That’s what our country is all about. What would they like up there, a Mexican flag? Come on, we’re the U.S. I think I would rather see a flag fly than nothing at all. I’m glad that they put that pole up there, because they are showing respect for our troops and if anybody has a problem with that, maybe you shouldn’t even be here. I wish people would start waking up and quit complaining so much about the flag.Just obsceneThe Avon flag raising on July 3 is an obscene gesture to Eagle County residents that Traer Creek has now taken over the Village at Avon without any way to control them. The Avon Town Council, planning department, and advising attorney John Dunn should be the brunt of community disgust and embarrassment. After all, they handed Marcus Lindholm the power he now has. What each of these individuals got in return should be investigated. With respect to the new comprehensive plan, that’s a little too late for Avon to consider a growth plan, especially since they can’t cover any aspects of the Village at Avon that has already been given away. Is Avon Mayor Buzz Reynolds serious that he now wants to be a county commissioner? Will former Mayor Judy Yoder come back from her leisure life in Florida to defend her strong desire to approve the Village at Avon agreement? Will the present Councilman Buckley continue to laugh at Eagle-Vail residents? If there were residents of Avon who cared, the Village at Avon would not have happened. It’s a true example of political power, self interest, combined with apathetic residents. We have a miniature Iraq right here in Eagle County.Haven’t heard praiseThank you for your well written and understated article in the June 28 daily. I have not heard any positive feedback on the Lindholm pole, only disgust and lack of respect for the community. His “erection” of the flagpole is simply not appropriate for our town and should have been put to vote by the citizens. What’d you expect?Enough is enough! How shallow and self-absorbed are we in this valley? With a tragic war being fought in Iraq and a rapidly deteriorating environment both locally and globally, the only thing we can find to complain about is a stupid flagpole? People, why not look at the big picture instead of at the end of your noses. You probably should have been far more vocal about the pending development long ago. Apparently living next to Wal-Mart and all that it provides was OK, but having to actually see their flag is not. Sure, the size and scope are overdone, but It’s Wal-Mart’s front yard, folks. What did you expect, Betty Ford’s alpine gardens? Your whining comes far too late. In the future lets try to see what’s being proposed and promoted and get involved when we can make a difference. To continue to beat a dead horse -three Don Rogers editorials and countless personal agenda letters – is an embarrassment to the community. Is this really the priority topic and where we should direct our energy? If so, a reality check is most certainly in order. Chip Woods, Edwards.You said itThis is in response to Henri Stone’s June 25 “Anti-American” letter to the editor. I am so pleased to see that you are actually quite more liberal than I ever would have imagined. Most of the Christian right Republicans in this state are anti-choice, but it appears that you are a champion of woman’s rights as well, seeing how you chastize Don Rogers with the phrase, “You would like to be able to tear down our freedom of choice.” I, and the rest of the women in this country, praise you for your active pro-choice stance. Bravo to you.Love that flagI really don’t like that big flagpole, but I love that flag. Yee-hah. Woo!No, not that!Great column Don Rogers wrote about Magnus’ flagpole, but I disagree with one thing. Please, please, please, don’t bring the flagpole down to Freedom Park. Nobody in Edwards needs the same headache that everyone in Avon is going through, and even though I’m an Edwards’ resident, I’ve been vehemently asking for the flagpole to be removed, and very loud, so please don’t move it down to Edwards. Best letterThis is Mary Jo Allen calling a second time. Add the name of Art Abplanalp to my list of thank you’s to the people that wrote the letters. He wrote the best letter of all. Thanks.Pole’s least of itI think everybody needs to get a grip and get over the flagpole sitting in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and Home Depot. This town has been raped and pillaged for the almighty dollar for years, and somebody finally puts up a flagpole to share some patriotism in a time when this nation is struggling, and you guys are doing nothing but complaining. Get over it.

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