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Why complain?So why is everybody complaining about a 14-story flagpole? That’s what you get when you bring the big stores in. … Why don’t you support the rest of the independents around town? Action is what speaks, not complaining.So many gorillasSo many people … bitching about the 150-foot flagpole. How about the new eyesore west of the Tarnes? When construction is done, what will we have? A 500-car parking lot. Now instead of a nice green hillside, we in Avon can look at a sand pile and ultimately cars and a parking lot. Was this OK’d by Avon Planning and Zoning? If so, you failed us again. Or does the 150 pound gorilla, Vail Resorts, do just as it pleases, as it seems the 500 pound Swede gorilla does?Love the flagI’d like to say that I really enjoy reading all the comedy and humorous stories printed in the Vail Daily, especially about this flagpole. Wait a minute here, I love seeing that flag, the American flag. … Some adviceThis is for the property management company at Savoy Villas in Vail at Lionsridge Loop. Maybe you should get a bear-proof Dumpster, because every time I drive by there’s trash on the road, and it’s kind of disgusting, so that’s just a suggestion.Stuff takenMy name is Doug Russell, I’m the bar manager at Sweet Basil. I’m calling in to say I lost my work bag, work clothes, work shoes, couple work shirts, work pants, my notebook with all my inventory information, a paycheck for about $202 and some dry cleaning that was wrapped on top, also a CD case with about 20 of my favorite CD’s in it. Anyway, they were lost at the George on Friday the 18th. I put it on a shelf behind where I was sitting with a couple of friends from Basil and had a quick beer before I went home, and when I turned around to grab my bag and go, it was gone. So I’m hoping that whoever took it will own up and bring it back or just say you found it and bring it back. I’m at Sweet Basil and I’d like to get my stuff back. Upvalley whiners clubOh no! The lights are too bright and they are purple and ugly – what shall we do now? Oh no! Someone is berming and I can’t see the golf course – what shall we do now? Oh no! Big trucks are coming into our town to deliver resale supplies – what shall we do now? Oh no! Someone is installing a huge victorious flagpole while our children, family and friends are dying in Iraq as you read this. What shall they do now? Pole this! GI Joe.What’s going on?I’m just wondering what they’re constructing that’s the big gash in the hillside just west of Tarnes? .Editor’s note: As reported, Vail Resorts is building a lift and parking area there.Who are you?This is Mike Walker, a graduate of Eagle Valley High School, responding to the Tipsline “All about the parents.” First of all, what are you talking about? What do you want not to repeat? Who needs a second chance for what? What does Mr. Strakbein have to do with anything? Oh yeah, who are you?Keep rules the sameIn reference to Vail wrestling with home size regulations, isn’t it enough proof that when you allow the big people in, like Home Depot and Wal-Mart big boxes you now want to take the restrictions off and limit for big housing? Then what are you going to end up with, a big flagpole that’s 14 stories high? You know what? Keep the rules the same. People want bigger houses, they need to go to other places. There’s a lot of other places in the United States they can build their monstrosities, it doesn’t have to happen in Vail. As far as I’m concerned, Town Council members should not weaken and break under the pressure of outside sources for tax dollars. Is it not the reality of what the big box stores have done to Avon? When are people going to get it?Old grudgesI’m calling on the animal control issue. Someone called sticking up for these guys, and I’m sure most of them do a fine job. But when having problems with a neighbor’s pet a couple of years ago, I called one night because I had the pet out in back of my house and I was feeding it. I was informed that the animal control officer was eating dinner at her sister’s. Unless I had it on a leash that she would come get it, but she just probably would take it back to the guy’s house. I didn’t think this was very good service, but the worst part of it was I guess I made the mistake of venting on her a little bit and she called the Vail Police and told them I called her a not very nice name for a female dog with an expletive in front of it. Completely false, shows no integrity by someone who’s an officer of the county.Help with bear-proofingThis is in regards to the tip that was put in the paper in regards to “Can’t bear trash anymore.” Just to let you know, if you want to purchase a bear-resistant container, Vail Honeywagon is the way to go. We’ve got the best bear-resistant containers in the valley and usually it keeps bears out. … Nothing in this valley is really bear-proof. If a bear wants something, he’s going to get it, no matter what, and I think everyone in the valley knows that. So if you have any questions or concerns, call your local trash company, because they’re the ones that provide the bear-resistant or bear-proof containers. Personal responsibilityRegarding the “can’t bear trash” they’re asking if the trash company should be liable for the trash or whatever, I’m just trying to get to the point. No, it’s your trash … . It’s not the company that picks it up that’s supposed to take care of it. it’s your problem, and deal with it, put it away, end of story.

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