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Dangerous talk In response to “Don’t hold back”: The gentlemen who said while he’s coming down the highway he’s going to swerve at a biker instead of swerving into the lane of the oncoming truck. Well obviously, neither is appropriate. If you have an obstruction in your lane, it’s up to you to stop or slow down until the obstruction is cleared. But this is just typical of the idiotic, redneck-type mentality that we have around here that won’t accept any type of diversity whatsoever. … This is the type of thing that’s dangerous, dangerous thinking, and it’s one of the reasons that I sold my road bike and strictly ride on trails now.Defending junkThis is to the person who doesn’t like the motorcycles, trailers, and other assorted trash on Chamonix. I think it’s time for you to move to Beaver Creek, Strawberry Park, Bachelor Gulch. People need things to get along in life. If there is trash, it will get cleaned up. But if there is useful materials that they need, we need to keep it.Flying offFirst it was Jack Ingstad, now Tom Stone. Are they joined at the hip? They have chosen to publicly air their dispute with American Airlines. How unprofessional can you get? The two act like a couple of local yahoos and make empty threats. … Eagle County needs AA. Empty threats made by these two jokers aren’t doing us any good. Isn’t Tom the same idiot who didn’t take his hat off during the national anthem during the airport opening ceremony? The airport can barely attract manager applicants because of Jack’s history of incompetence. Furthermore, not one airline manager at the airport even knows these two, so that tells you they only manage from a safe distance. When is Eagle County going to realize that Tom and his boy are an embarrassment to the voters? Even more important, does the county get a tax break for employing these two losers?Could be his caseWalter Dandy’s letter makes one point, and then Dandy includes several paragraphs personally attacking Dan Smith and Magnus Lindholm. Seems liberals always prefer personal attacks rather than coming up with logical points and material. … Emotion does not trump substance. … Dandy needs to grow up. Walter, the development is on private property, and the U.S. Flag Code is not U.S. law. You know what is best for you. Dandy and libs everywhere need to stop believing they know what is best for everybody else.

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