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What about us?I continue to marvel at the way Eagle County spends virtually all of our tax dollars in Edwards. And still the Edwards people complain endlessly. Edwards seems to command the unending attention of the county commissioners. Unfortunately it appears that all the people running for commissioner are Edwards-focused, as well. Eagle County needs a commissioner who represents the needs of the county in Wolcott, Eagle and Gypsum. This is clearly taxation without representation. I cannot believe they are actually going to put a recreation center in Edwards (Avon has a fine one) to serve these whining people. How about spending some of our tax dollars down in Gypsum?Happy customersI’d like to thank the guys over at Valley Automotive. My car got repaired and serviced in only one day! Thank you, Chris, Terry and Jesus!Courageous standThis is a tip for Tom Stone. I never voted for you, but I now wish I had. You are the only commissioner who consistently gets things done in the county and I appreciate it. Your stand on Bai Ranch was not only right, but courageous as you had to stare into a crowd of people who really believed there was a “developer at the gate”, ready to turn Bair Ranch into a housing development. That was the biggest fleece job I have ever seen. You had to stare into the face of a crowd of “not in my back yarders” and you had to do the right thing for the economic growth of our valley. I thank you for your service and your job performance. I would also like to add that I am a staunch Democrat, but I would vote for you if you ran again.Well, they saved us tooI thought I’d write about the irony of Vail losing the 2009 ski games to France. Vail was founded by 10th Mt. Division veterans who helped to save Europe from Hitler’s National Socialist Party and now the arrogant socialists of France use their unearned liberty against us.Those politiciansOh so correct regarding “Why politicians like to act saved,” by Jack Van Ens. Look to federal, to state, to county, and to our local cities. A little false advertising going on? Out of controlThe Tipsline trying to defend the animal control officer that has trouble controlling his vehicle is wrong. There is one or more persons who are driving like absolute idiots, carelessly and breaking the traffic laws in a county vehicle without having a reason to do so. I know better.Here’s the messageSince the readers of the Vail Daily have been subjected almost every week to a non-stop stream of lengthy letters from a David Le Vine for several months now, and the Daily has apparently chosen to print them all, here’s a suggestion that might just save Mr. Levine some time and the Vail Daily to boot. The messages nearly all carry the same message ad nauseum, so why not periodically print up the one that I’m going to list below. 1. I’m a crusty old geezer with too much time on my hands, so that’s why I feel compelled to write these diatribes all the time. 2. I’m a died-in-the-wool liberal Democrat, and feel that anyone who isn’t must be an idiot. 3. I hate George Bush, and Republicans in general, and although I know that the only people who read my letters and take them seriously are liberals like me too, that’s OK, because I love preaching to the choir. Finally, 4. See number one again.Couldn’t be more wrongAmericans must not underscore the hatred and determination of the Islamic religion. A number one priority of the U.S. is to somehow deal with this problem. The people of this country need to be committed as a number one priority to somehow deal with this dangerous problem, either on their turf or ours. We would be wise to prefer the former. Advanced cultures are almost always taken apart by barbarians.No kiddingThe flagpole will likely stay. The flag will fly. Because Mr. Lindholm does not have the sensitivity to care what others think or feel. Avon Mayor Buz Reynolds should not be part of the flag dedication ceremony, but I suspect he will be there. Disregarding that the vast majority of local citizens are strongly against this eyesore. If Mr. Reynolds has any future political ambitions, the voters will not forget his standing with Lindholm if he shows up. Selective patriotismI’m calling about Magnus Lindholm’s act of patriotism in Avon. … It seems like his selective patriotism is closely tied to his pocketbook. I hope the locals start shopping at other stores and help support the local economy.Posers need mufflersAs someone who used to enjoy the peace and quiet in the Wolcott area, I find the influx of midlife biker wannabes an ear-splitting headache. What point are these posers attempting to convey with the excessive noise and chrome? Are they compensating for their lack of adequacy in other departments? And can someone explain the logic of owning something so loud that the operator wears earplugs? I must admit that the no helmet look really adds to the intelligent quota.This is AmericaIn regards to the flagpole, maybe some of the people who are complaining about seeing a flag every day ought to live in communist countries where they have to salute their leaders instead.Oh, let them whineI’d like to say, keep the flag flying and keep the whiners whining, and also kudos to Michael Cacioppo for standing up to one of the most corrupt entities in this valley. Hardly patrioticThe flagpole and upcoming giant flag at the big boxes is an abomination. It isn’t patriotism, it’s crass commercial exploitation. Some questions come to mind. When you go into Wal-Mart, how come such a high percentage of its products were made in other countries? What ever happened to the “Made in the USA” campaign Wal-Mart used to feature? Is Wal-Mart patriotic? Also, why is the Avon Town Council being such a bunch of wimps about the flag issue?Editor’s note: The Avon Town Council has no power with this issue.Which flag to fly?My name is Tammy and I have a comment to make on the flagpole that is up between Wal-Mart and Home Depot. I don’t see why you guys are complaining about the flagpole. What you guys need to be concerned about is, which flag is going up on that flagpole? The American flag or the Mexican flag? That’s what you need to be concerned about, not the flagpole itself.

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