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I just read the Sunday, Oct. 27, Vail Daily. I was wondering if you think the coverage could be a little bit one-sided on the upcoming election. The cover page and page two cover Tom Strickland with Mark Udall, both Democrats. Then there are two more pages covering Democrat candidate for Sheriff Bill Kaufman. I know the Vail Daily is a really liberal left-wing paper, but where is some equal time?

Say what?

Does Ross Palmer and the Democratic Party really think we shouldn’t vote for Tom Stone because Ross doesn’t like Tom Stone’s wife? Is that a joke?

Callous coverage

I’m calling in regards to your article in the Daily dated 10/29/02 concerning Nick Calhoun. As a friend of Nick’s, I find it very rude and callous to print his criminal background. Nick was loved and liked by a lot of people who knew him, and his past criminal history is nobody’s business and irrelevant. A lot of people are going to miss him, and are saddened by his death. So in the future before you print something, try to be more understanding of the people’s feelings that knew and liked him.

He was a good guy

I just wanted to know if you could put a tip in tomorrow’s paper about the best of Nick Calhoun, and the way that at the end of the article you put the criminal record in the article. They should have a little remorse for the parents and friends. He was a good guy.

Sensitivity lacking

My name is Ryan Green. I’m just calling in regards to the article about Nick Calhoun. It just didn’t seem there was much sympathy or remorse for the family. They’re longtime local residents, and in the end where the criminal history was, I think it was a little out of line.

Health care

I just read the article in the Daily about health care, so I just wonder is the joke on the people who have health insurance and are paying the premium? Or is it on those who don’t have health insurance and are able to get the help of such organizations as the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, which seems to me leads to kind of a mixed message. You can get help if you don’t have health insurance, so why not go out and ski, take that vacation to Mexico? Health insurance is a low priority in our county for the majority of the people who live here. They’d rather go ski and they figure the Vail Valley Charitable Fund is there to bail them out if they get injured and they don’t have adequate insurance to pay for it, so am I the fool because I pay health insurance premiums, over $200 a month for myself, or are the people that don’t have health insurance the fools? I think we all get the same treatment in the end. I don’t think it’s the health insurance that’s sick, I think it’s the prioritizing of the needs of the individuals and families that’s sick.

Cacioppo effect

Once again, when reporting in the paper, would reporters as well as people remember that the Cacioppo lawsuit affects all employees of the district, not just teachers, it affects all the little worker bees too, that don’t make a teacher’s salary. Please fix that when you do your articles.

For the kids

This is to all the councilmen and councilwomen that are living here in Avon. I’d like to know what they’re doing for the kids here in Avon, to have entertainment? I have not heard anything mentioned about that. I think we need something here for the kids to do from age 5 to 15. They don’t have anything to do here except for the rec center. Pay to go in to go swimming, to go to the park, what else is there for the younger kids to do? Nothing. From the town of Avon up to Beaver Creek, they can’t put anything for the kids to entertain themselves. I think they should look into that and do something about that. All they’re thinking about is raising taxes. Why don’t they do something for the kids?

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