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Angry, very angryHey Vail Valley. Just a little bit of correction and accuracy check here. Some of the information that’s floating around about our wonderful new symbol in Avon, and you know what I’m talking about, and it is purple, has definitely been incorrect. 1. It appears that our friend Magnus had to do it here, because he was no longer welcome in his home country. 2. The tripod has been admitted by him absolutely nothing to do with any kind of patriotic symbol or reference to anything to do with the military whatsoever, so the stories about the tripod referring to the construction of a battleship are totally erroneous, and he so much admitted out of his own mouth this fact at the Avon Town Council meeting. 3. Just a question. We’re going to have an American flag on there that’s going to be flapping in the breeze and making all this noise. Is there also going to be a similar size Colorado state flag to accompany that, which would make even more noise? You know, Magnus, you need to take this thing down. I think you can see the writing on the wall. All you’re trying to do is line your pockets. You’re not fooling anybody. Final parting comment to Joy Wolansky. Be careful who you call un-American, young lady, because I served my country with distinction in the 1970s. I lost the best friend I had at the time in southeast Asia in 1973, and the best friend that I ever had in the south tower of the New York Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, so be very, very careful who you label as un-American, OK? …Big lightning rodI wonder if the purple monstrosity will act as the valley’s tallest lightning rod? Maybe a strike will melt the purple paint, or better still, bring it down. Because it is a perfect conductor, there could be dangerous voltages around the base. I won’t drive, park or walk within 150 feet until we find out.True enoughI’m calling in the top 10 reasons the flagpole should stay in Avon. 10. It keeps the Vail Daily interesting. 9. It increases property values, not. 8. US Steel just went up a dollar a share. 7. Guinness Book of World Records largest flagpole in the world. 6. A place to park the largest flag in the world. 5. Wal-Mart parking lot needed some shade. 4. Latest manmade object to be seen from space. 3. We can sell those mini-souvenir flagpoles to the Texans; I mean the tourists. 2. It’s a nice landmark to help navigate the Wal-Mart parking lot. And the number one reason the flagpole should stay in Avon: It’s their God-given right to build it, dammit! Low-carb mushrooms?I went to the grocery store today and I was buying mushrooms, and yes, there was a sticker on there and it said, “Only 3 carbs.” Has the world gone crazy or is just me? Is everyone an idiot? Whatever happened to a little exercise? A little moderation? What the hell is going on in this world? With everything we’re fighting, and you’re fighting frickin’ carbs in our vegetables and mushrooms? Think about it.Flagpole’s horribleMy name is Lew Meskimen, and after everybody has been talking about the flagpole at Wal-Mart and Home Depot, not only is the color ugly, but the flagpole itself is ugly. It looks like some hick that just freshly got off the boat designed it. That is the ugliest, weirdest-looking flagpole that I have ever seen in this whole country of the United States of America. It looks more like a piece of artwork that went wrong.My poll on the poleMy name is Magnum Flagpole. What is it with you people claiming to speak for the “majority,” or the ever popular “vast majority,” of people in Eagle County concerning the flagpole or, for that matter, any other issue? I assume you have a couple of like-minded friends who agree with you, and therefore everyone must agree with you. Here’s the deal. It’s easy and it’s fast. E-mail me with your vote, either for or against the flag display. Include you vote in the subject line of your e-mail asI will not be opening any messages sent. I do not want to know why you feel the way you do, nor do I care. Multiple votes from the same sender will all be deleted, even the first one, so none of your votes will count if you vote more than once. I repeat, include your vote in your SHORT subject line. My e-mail address is’s wrong with flag?My topic is about the flagpole, the purple flagpole. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If they want to put the flag up, let them put the flag up. We complain about everything that’s going on, but we don’t really understand what’s going on. They’re building up on our mountains, they’re ruining our mountains. I don’t see anybody complaining. But about a flagpole, come on? Aren’t you proud of your country? I am very proud. We have our troops fighting or our freedom, and I can’t understand why you guys are against an American flag. Corner gone crazyI’m calling about Edwards. Edwards is not a micropolis, it’s not a city, it’s not even a town, it’s an intersection gone mad.Oh what funI would just like to personally thank Magnus and his flagpole for providing us with hours of entertaining reading in the past few weeks. In the words of George Carlin, “life is a circus, and we have a front row seat.” What’s that, Mommy?It’s pretty sad when you’re driving by the Eagle-Vail golf Course and your 3-year-old whose in the car wants to know why the flag is playing golf. Just thought I’d let you know a 3-year-old’s opinion on the new flag.What about those homes?In regards to the flagpole in Avon not blending in with the environment, last time I checked 7,000-square-foot homes littering the hillside like potato chips doesn’t exactly blend in with the environment either, retards.

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