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Symbol of disregardThis is yet another call about the flagpole and I just want to say thank God I was able to scrape together enough cash to buy a place to live in Vail. Avon could have been a wonderful place, they could have put parks along the creek, and along the river they could have done such a better job of urban planning. Instead it’s unfettered growth worthy of places like Broomfield on the Front Range. It’s a very ugly place, both to live, do business in and to visit. The flagpole is a symbol of excess and disregard for the environment that we live in. It’s very sad. Unfortunately, the only way to fix that entire town is to raze it. If they want to do that, they should look down how Edwards has developed. It’s tasteful, classy, and a wonderful place to live and that would be my second choice if I wasn’t a Vail homeowner.Bring it to GypsumMr. Lindholm, as a resident of Gypsum, I’d like you to know that we would be honored if you would move your flagpole and your nice big flag down to Gypsum. The residents down here, speaking on behalf of myself and all the other residents I know, as well as Mrs. Stone, we would love your flag down here. I know the residents of Avon and the upper valley. They really don’t appreciate or understand it, but I’d like you to know that we’re behind you and we would love your flag, so please, take it down and bring it down here where it would be welcomed and valued and treasured like it should be. No Iwo JimaThank goodness we didn’t have the battle of Iwo Jima fought on American soil, especially in Avon. Imagine the uproar if the Marines had tried to hoist the American flag on Avon’s soil. What a pity that some of you feel offended by the flag. It’s a free country except evidently in Avon.AssumptionsI think it was wrong for a recent caller to label all cyclists as morons. Some of them sure are, but I’m guessing that more are just trust fund kids. Who else could afford to be riding around in the middle of a work day, hogging the lanes, in those spiffy little suits they wear, riding bikes that cost more than the average worker could ever afford. Their bikes cost more than some of the worker’s cars. They’re really inconsiderate, and I don’t blame people for getting upset with them at all.Aiding, abetting …Enough already with the … flagpole.Nothing better to do?I’m reading the paper from yesterday and I just can’t believe how people have nothing better to do than complain about a flagpole. This is 4th of July weekend. Are people so caught up in their self-absorbed world that they can’t see the good in a flagpole just because of the way it looks? Let it go and pay attention to their own lives and quit complaining about a flagpole. Unite each other.It had to comeI have two words for all the people complaining about the flagpole. Pole envy.Embrace the flag… I was driving by the nicely placed Home Depot and Wal-Mart. I saw that flag and I liked the flag. I liked the flag. So the guy’s a jerk. Embrace the flag.A wonderful thingI’m calling about Teresa Ladenburger’s letter to the editor. I just want to applaud you, Teresa. Thank you, and God bless your son who is fighting for the freedoms that we still have. Thank you very much. This whole flagpole thing is just unbelievable. It’s people sitting in their comfy little cushy living room and if they’re offended b a large flagpole that carries the American flag and it doesn’t matter that Wal-Mart and Home Depot are there. All that matters is if I can see it from where I live, and I live in Homestead in Edwards, and I wish they’d put one out here. This is a wonderful thing. Patriotism. And thank you Teresa. God bless your son for doing his duty, and I’m sure he will come back safely, but God bless him. Small-minded people want to bitch about this stuff. Take your negative energy and put it into something positive.Magnus, magnificentI’m driving westbound on I-70 and Magnus’ flag looks magnificent. Thank you, Mr. Magnus, for doing this. …

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