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Not so badHere it is July 3rd and the big flag is up. I just happened to be driving by at about 7 and it’s still light, and everything so I could get a good view of it, and by golly the color that everybody’s been moaning about is of the background the stars are attached to on the flag. The other thing I noticed was that the flag sure didn’t look anywhere as big as I thought it would be. In fact, I thought it was very proportional to the flagpole. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. I kind of like it. So keep it up there.So thereThis is in regards to the flag between Wal-Mart and Home Depot. To all you anal people who complain about the flagpole, you should all be in Iraq and have your heads chopped off, because you don’t appreciate what you have in America.No complainingI am calling in regard to the flag over by Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and I was there on July 3rd and I don’t feel that the flag or the flagpole stands out or has a sore eye there. I think it looked really good as it was blowing in the wind and I respect our American flag and it stands for freedom. If people can’t understand this and think it’s an eyesore for the community, I have one question for them. If this is such an eyesore, why are they building on top of building everywhere in the wilderness. This makes it an eyesore and I really feel that people who can’t admire this should not complain about it. It’s a beautiful thing. What flag meansConcerning the flag in Avon at the shopping center, everybody knows it’s not the size of the pole that matters. Remember what the flag represents and perhaps get a legitimate issue.No respectI’ve been skiing for about 25 years, I’m an expert mountain bike rider, and I go into sports stores in Vail and I get this attitude from these fat poser employees that are totally disrespectful to me as a customer as if there is the big expert guru of the sports and meanwhile, I could probably destroy them at any of these disciplines. So let’s talk to the shop owners and get some people who might give service and do it in a kind, respectful way. They’re going to lose business with this snotty Vail attitude. I don’t care if you live in Vail. If you live in Vail, you’d better be skiing three or four days a week or you’d be better off living somewhere else. The greatestIt’s the Fourth of July and I just drove down Highway 6 and saw the beautiful synthesized American flag waving proudly. We have the biggest fireworks display, we have the biggest ski mountain in Colorado, why can’t we have the biggest flag waving also? Thank you Magnus Lindholm.Looking greatThe flag looks fantastic, the pole is just the right height, and it looks great when you look at it. You’ll love lightsIf you don’t like the flagpole now, just wait until the 3 million candle power spotlights they’re installing get turned out. That’s 3 million candle power? So much for dark night sky.Hit my carThis is to the person that accidentally ran into my parked Toyota Forerunner on the Fourth of July. The notice of contact information must have blown off my car. My name is Katie Reilly and you can reach me at 970-331-3549.Well, it is AmericaIt seems ironic that all the anti-American socialists in Vail get the American flag out and wave it for the Fourth of July holiday. Next week they’ll be back to their socialistic agenda.Nice gestureOur community has already been over-populated, over-polluted and way over-Californicated. Why is everybody making such a big deal about the flagpole? I think the flagpole’s a nice gesture. I love the American flag. Hey, if you read the paper, you see God works in mysterious ways. God has taken care of a few things already. Think about it.What did they say?I’m calling in regards to the article of “Violence in Iraq shakes one-time war supporters.” There’s a paragraph in there that troubles me, and yes I am a Republican. But it says recent statements by the national commission on terrorist attacks, 9/11 commission, has said that there was no relationship between Iraq and al Qaida. Because the Bush administration cited this alleged relationship as one justification for war, 21-year-old James Keck says he supported the decision. Now he feels differently. You must clarify that, Vail Daily, and I’m not sure where you’re getting your news from, but the 9/11 commission has come on cable news and said yes, there was a connection, a definite connection, but what they could not do is connect Saddam with 9/11. Very big difference. Very big difference. Al Qaida and Saddam, the Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein have a long-lasting relationship, but they could not prove that Saddam was in any way behind 9/11. Get that clear.Editor’s note: The commission reported that al-Qaida and Iraqi operatives had meet a couple of times in Sudan but could not establish that they had ever cooperated or planned to cooperate with each other. Can’t afford itThe question is, Is the cost of living in Vail worth it? A gallon of milk $5, and a gallon of gas is $2.40, rent’s two grand, and you’re making $10 bucks an hour, is it worth it? Yes, it’s a beautiful place to live, I’ve been here for 10 years, but you’ve got to ask yourself, If the cost of living goes up and you’re making the same or maybe even less because the weather goes bad and people don’t want to tip as well, life’s tough. People are moving out of town and raising their flagpole where they want to put it. As far as locals go, we can’t afford $5 for a gallon of milk. I hate to say it, but with 8.5 percent sales tax, where did the extra $2 bucks go for that gallon and the 40 cents for the gas and the other and the other and the other?

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