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Wrong targetI have a comment for all of the people who are complaining about the flagpole. Why don’t they start complaining about all the development that is in the county making their resort valley the big city they don’t want it to be and why don’t they start complaining about the empty semi-trucks that are going to be lined up against I-70 to reduce the noise?Civilization’s endI’m calling concerning the title on page A25 of Friday, July 9, in the Vail Daily. It says, “Bush reaching out to Hipanics.” What the hell is that? Is that another name that they’ve invented for Latinos? Come on, give it a break. If you don’t know how to spell, then don’t even put a title in the paper like that.Painted buggyI was just wondering if anybody has been to Minturn and noticed the really beautiful blue Blazer with the orange spray paint all over it. Tony, toss that thing out. Get rid of it. It’s ugly.Canine playgroundThis is Lisa Cohen. I’m a part-time resident owner here in Vail at Beaver Ridge Knolls, and I had a tip because I now have a very little dog, a Yorkie. Everybody stops and likes him, but I’ve noticed walking him because I live right in front of Willow Circle, and he almost got hit by a bike. I was in New York visiting my children and they have a big dog’s playground and a little dog’s playground, an area that is fenced in, chain link, so that shouldn’t be a great expense, and the small dog’s pen is for dogs under 12 or 15 pounds. I think Vail needs that because somebody just told me their dog was ran over by a bicycle. Still gripingConcerning the Bair Ranch deal, it appears to be a left-handed deal. Do you suppose the rest of us could get $5 million for not developing our little gerbil farm? It might have been a great deal. I think the public will have a really good time up there.Who’s the ‘moron’?This is in regards to the person who called to say that cyclists are not morons, but trust fund kids. Apparently this person is the moron. He doesn’t realize that this is a resort town, where people work in the evenings and on the weekends, and their only time off is during the day mid-week. And most of them don’t actually have cars that are polluting the valley. They’re riding their bicycles and conserving on energy. So, to the morons out there, get out of your SUVs and wake up.

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