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Delivery worryThe town of Vail is considering mandating that all deliveries into the Vail Village would be made from one delivery point next to Chair 1. All retail stores, restaurants and other businesses should be aware that this would increase the cost of products to their establishments due to the delivery company’s needing more trucks, time, and manpower to make deliveries. Commander Steve Wright of the Vail Police Department is looking into this situation, and the town looks like it’s on the verge of possibly doing this, so everybody should be aware in the town of Vail that the cost of goods to them would go up, thereby making them have to raise the cost of goods to the tourists that come to town. Make it biggerI’m calling with regard to the new flag that went up in Avon. I think it’s a great thing, the only complaint I have is that the flag is not big enough. So Magnus, thank you, and we appreciate your efforts.All wetCongratulations, town of Vail, for turning an exciting Fourth of July parade into another “seen one you’ve seen them all” small hometown parade. Saying that water gun fights put a negative twist on the parade is wrong. I understand that some participants don’t want to get wet, so they have every right to complain, but why haven’t you brilliant people come up with a compromise. Why couldn’t the raft companies and water fighting marching participants be after the lawn chair demo team? That way, everyone knows that if they can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, or in this case, get out of the parade route. Here comes your cue that you’re going to get wet. Needless to say, it’s nice to have a little water relief after sitting in the hot sun for hours. These raft companies are not about throwing candy at people, they’re about water fun. Surely I can’t be the only Vail Valley resident with kids that love to be participating spectators.Is that armor?I was just driving through the Eagle roundabout, following all the rules, and just curious, does Spandex really make you bullet-proof? Just asking.

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