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328-TIPSDaily staff reportVail snob repliesThis is in response to “no respect.” Just couldn’t help but have the feeling that perhaps your attitude when you walk into the Vail stores is why you’re not getting the service you feel like you deserve. Seems like you feel you’re a little bit better than everyone else. So I have a tip for you. Next time you’re sitting in your Beaver Creek mansion with a little bit of time to kill, put on your postcard uni one piece, or your white and yellow Spyder jacket, come on over to one of these shops in Vail, offer anyone a chance to eat lunch in one of the fabulously overpriced places you eat lunch. They’ll go up with you, go riding with you for a day, and show you why the Vista Bahn is nicknamed the Rastabahn. Maybe show you parts of the mountain you didn’t know existed, and if you can have fun being anything other than an elitist snob, maybe you’ll enjoy yourself. Try it. Good luck.A pill for everythingSo many thoughts on this Sunday evening, but I’m watching commercials and we’re inundated with commercials about take this drug and that drug. If you don’t feel this way and you don’t feel that way, let’s take that pill, or take this pill. Maybe if we’re not in the mood, we need that pill. I am sick of it. What happened 50 years ago when life just kind of happened, and people were a little more healthy and a little less unstable? Think about it, people. Stop buying drugs just for your certain mood. Thank you for listening. People of America, get off your fat little couches, get your fat little children out and exercise. And yes it is a good thing if we have PE. Even though the government doesn’t demand it, PE might be a good thing for your fat little diabetic children. It might be good for America to start exercising again instead of on their computers all day every day. My goodness. Look at yourself.

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