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I like AvonMy comments address several issues. I hope this commentary does not bore the average reader, but I think I have to get it off my chest. First of all, regarding the flag issue, after hearing so many pre-complaints about the so-called purple flagpole before the flag went up, I was a skeptic as to the aesthetics of the scene. Upon inspection after the flag was raised, I feel that it is tasteful, beautiful, and not at all an eyesore. If anyone travels to Grand Junction on a regular basis and notices the much larger flag waving at I-70, one would come away with a lump in their throat due to the pride of being a proud American. My second comments is in rebuttal to the Tipsline comment entitled “Symbol of disregard.” This person complains about Avon’s town planning and boasts about the town planning in Edwards. In my humble opinion, Edwards is very poorly designed. Not only is it ugly, but it is claustrophobic and far too condensed for the space. Having lived in Vail almost my entire life, I moved to Avon over six years ago. I never thought I would live here, but having been very happy living on the lake, enjoying the beautiful park in my back yard, knowing I am centrally located, be it 15 minutes to Vail or 20 minutes to Eagle, our county seat. If I should decide to move away, I will not move to Vail, too expensive. Not move to Edwards, too commercialized. But will most likely stay somewhere in Avon or move to Eagle. Recently I believed that Avon was out of sorts in their original town planning, but have really stepped up their efforts to make it a more beautiful and tourist-friendly town after the fact. I invite this same person to actually spend time on Nottingham Lake to appreciate the wide open spaces that this part of the valley has to offer, not just the Wal-Mart and Home Depot areas that they probably frequent. My third and last commentary is the blue lights in Edwards. I find these lights more distracting than the flag in Avon. Edwards is not New York City and in my humble opinion I think they are almost as ugly as the red and blue buildings in Riverwalk. Thank you for your time. Signed, a longtime local.Red Cliff pleasuresI have not seen the monster flagpole but I am glad I live in Red Cliff and can hang out my wash.Misses the pointThere’s four flagpoles that you can see from I-70 at the Avon roundabout, and there’s got to be at least two dozen flagpoles lining the road up to Beaver Creek, and at least that many in Vail lining the road to the parking structure. What’s up with all these flagpoles? If you’re going to get mad about one, why don’t you get mad about all of them, because they’re all visible from I-70.

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