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Revved upThis is just a follow-up to the Wolcott resident who’s sick of listening to the unmuffled Harleys. My question is why is it these people with small brains and small male appendages choose to create such annoying noise, and why can’t the vehicle noise ordinance be enforced? What is the point about them having to make us hear them go by at all hours? Their usual lame reasoning of American patriotism, etc., etc., I find very confusing.Tired of itI’m a resident of Minturn and I’m calling in regard to the graffiti truck that remains parked at the entrance to our once-lovely little town here. Everyone here knows who owns it. Everyone knows he’s a couple sandwiches shy of a picnic. But that should not absolve him from making Minturn look like a “Sanford and Son” movie set. If the owner had an ounce of class, you would move your garbage out of there, keep it on your property, unless of course that is you’re out of room on your property for more garbage. Do the right thing and move your truck. Can they learn?I would like to comment on the great article written by the Vail Daily and how informative it was on our new proposed housing project on Taylor Street. Hopefully, the planning and zoning commission of Minturn and the Minturn Town Council can learn by their mistakes and not let another Enclave be built. Units that are ugly, non-conforming, and that violate Minturn’s building code. Hopefully, they will learn by their mistakes and not let a project happen like the Enclave. That’ll do itI’m calling to thank the Immigration and Naturalization Services for their great bust (recently). Hopefully they’ll be coming here more and more often to get some of our jobs back and make quality of life a little better in Eagle County, and I don’t know why the bust is not being printed in the newspaper, letting everyone know who the criminals are that are hiring undocumented workers and breaking our federal laws. Hopefully these people get fined their $2,500, and the IRS goes into their pocketbook.Reign of the roadThis is for Lisa Cohen, who had a comment in Wednesday’s paper. I’m sorry about your dog, but don’t you realize that this is the Vail Valley and bikers own everything and they have rights to everything? So, you’re going to have to find another place to put your dog, because the road cyclists and people who ride their bikes have all the rights and they own the valley.Deal with itFor all those people griping about the I-70 noise, get a life. In the scheme of life, it is miniscule. You knew the interstate was there when you came to Vail except for the early pioneers of course. If you don’t like it, you can move. We live very near the interstate and it’s just background noise I rarely even notice. If I do take note of it, it reminds me that there’s a big broad world out there behind this small valley. Please find something more productive to do than complain about noise from I-70, which is the artery to Vail. And to the town of Vail, I-70 is our lifeline, and why would you ever think of putting in any kind of wall? They are all eyesores, and in this valley, we don’t need them.Radio criticFor all the money that’s in this valley, this valley has some of the sorriest radio stations I have ever been exposed to in the 25 years I’ve been here. The other beef I have is it took 23 years for someone to finally step up and put in a bowling alley for the working class in this valley. Just kind of makes me nauseated.

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