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Danger to allI’m calling about some lady who left a tip about how bikers are always abused and how cars always treat them badly. I just want to say, I always get out of their way, try to be nice, but sometimes I have to slam on the brakes and swerve out of the way. It’s really ridiculous how they take up the road like they own the place, and why when you’re at a stoplight they’ll go flying past every car there and get in front of you. They have no consideration for anyone else on the road. Why are any of the bikers complaining when there are so many bike paths throughout the valley that the town has spent so much money building, but yet no biker uses them. … I also want to say, why are they on I-70? Cars are going 75 and faster, and they’re riding right along I-70. They’re endangering themselves and everybody else.Vans unsafe?I flew into the Eagle County Airport about 10 days ago from Dallas and I stayed at the Hyatt in Beaver Creek. The only airport transportation I could get was in vans that I had a very good friend killed in, a Ford van, operated by your transportation people out there. I’m surprised that the airport and Eagle County is approving those vans to be used, because the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration both indicated those vans were unsafe, and they’ve outlawed them for special uses like for kids up to 15 years old, and it’s got to be a policy. If the airport keeps approving those vans, the airport should lose their central funding. The more people you put in the vans the more unsafe they get. Concrete jungleI’m calling in regards to “no complaining” in Tipsline and you know why they’re building on building on building on building? Because they have no constraints. They will not stop. It’s a concrete jungle. That’s what it is.

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