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Real patriotismThe flagpole controversy in Avon seems to elicit a lot of comments about patriotism and the anti-flag folks’ lack of it. The flag is there and will probably stay, but I wanted to offer some food for thought with regards to patriotism. Could it be possible that patriotism doesn’t lie in a material object, even a flag? Would the money that went to constructing and maintaining the flag and flagpole have been better spent on funds for families that lose a soldier in the war or for some other community service like literacy, recreation or recycling? I don’t believe that buying lots of little flags or wearing red, white and blue shows pride in your country nearly as much as actively trying to improve it. Be patriotic. Volunteer. My name is Patricia Smith Esperon.He bit on itThis is a local Avon resident and I’m calling in concern to the letter by Lisa Cohen talking about having separate dog parks for dogs under 12 or 15 pounds. Give me a break. Could you have gotten a smaller rat? You need to keep an eye on your rat for people running around on bikes doing 15 mph. Couldn’t you have come up with something a little bit more creative that the town could put in except a separate doggie park for dogs 12-15 pounds? How about somebody just dedicated to just picking up dog poo? Set up wet zonesI just wanted to say that I agree with the Tipsline today about the Fourth of July parade being boring without the water. I don’t think it would be that hard for the town to establish a couple of wet zones during the area, maybe beginning, middle and end, so that people who want to get wet can and people that don’t want to can stay out of the zones. Get over itEnough already. The flag is up. To all you bleeding heart, Michael Moore wannabes, get over it.

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