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Snap judgmentI saw the little clip from Matt Zalaznick on the front page of the paper drawing a correlation between Sept. 11 and the flag at Wal-Mart, and I thought man, this guy’s an idiot. I opened the page to A14 and they have his picture in there. Now I’m convinced he is an idiot.Prima donna sportWhat do you get when you put a prima donna in Spandex? A road cyclist.GrrrrrrrThe 10 reasons why Harleys are for losers. 1. For encouraging dentists to wear leather. 2. For giving away a case of Dentucreme with every new hog. 3. For disenfranchising real tough guys; the true scum and low life that made Harleys popular either can’t afford them or are ashamed to ride them. 4. For their thumping pipes, which serve no function except to disrupt the peace. 5. For riding two abreast because they have no bravery. 6. For diluting an authentic piece of Americana. 7. For the fat … I see spilling over the ever wider seats. 8. For the stupid looks on their faces when they drive down the streets. “What do you mean? I’m cool.” 9. For the endless and now meaningless displays of flag-waving patriotism. 10. For how shiny and endlessly chromed out their bikes are, another sign that they’re just part of a lottery list of toys and not an intrinsic part of their lifestyle. Harleys become a joke.Insightful …Regarding the editorial by Matt Zalaznick, Magnus and Michael Moore, hogwash.All should have oneMy name is Jeff and I’m from Denver and I’m just driving through Avon and I saw that great big American flag. That thing is awesome. It really makes you think that this valley supports our troops and America. That thing’s great. I wish every little town had big flags like that. Love Ice Cream Lady… I had the most enjoyable experience today. I was unloading groceries, and here comes Miss Ice Cream woman, music and everything. Let’s bring that back to our Vail Valley community. It is the cutest thing and it just resonated in my heart. Thank you very much, and thank you, Miss Ice Cream Lady. I noticed the kids running around.

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