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Not a good ideaThis is a comment in regards to “All wet,” the Vail resident who thinks it’s a wonderful, smart thing to have water fights during Vail’s Fourth of July parade. I just want to interject one thing. As an adult, and it sounds like you are because you say you have kids, you should be acting like one. Water fights are one thing, but when there are thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics in regards to video cameras, cell phones and digital cameras, people taking pictures of the wonderful parade that we have in Vail, electronics and water don’t mix. Hello? It’s not a good idea. I tell you, you’re probably one of the people that live right there that thought it was really funny to take a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle and spray the inside of the vehicle that was part of my parade entry, totally ruining my cell phone and costing me over $250. So if you’d be so kind as to identify yourself in the next Tipsline and let me know who you are, I would really like to collect the money for the phone that was ruined by you. If you’re not, please take into consideration one thing. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves and to have a wonderful time, and how are you going to do that when you have to worry about whether or not your expensive camera or VCR or cell phone is going to be damaged by somebody being irresponsible with water? Must be the judgeI scratched my head the other day when I read about somebody complaining about an ugly vehicle being on the first street in Minturn, across from the Country Club. From what I understand, the poor guy is protesting the two tickets he was given illegally by one of Minturn’s finest. Now he’s got to go to court. He was parked in the proper parking area, and he still has to go to court. While his vehicle was parked in front of the officer’s house, somebody spray painted it, dayglow orange. All over his windows, his mirror, and all over his custom paint job. Pretty amazing when somebody thinks someone’s truck is ugly. What’s the world coming to? I think Minturn needs a few more Barney Fifes. And they wonder why people don’t want to come to Minturn.So thereLoved the critical letter Monday about the Daily and your city editor, Zalaznick. The VAIL Daily is supposed to be about our community, not Summit County, Glenwood, Aspen and other places where you have papers and take stories to save money on staff. I have been in the valley a while and can tell you Jim Pavelich didn’t forget this is OUR paper. As to Zalaznick, his rants are a dime a dozen, so why bother? He promotes a narrow agenda by spreading hate and intolerance and then says he’s soooooo open minded. It’s gotten real old. A lot of us are sick of it. I also bet a ski pass that he solicited the letter in the same issue saying what a good guy he is.Editor’s note: Today’s Vail Daily – far larger than it was 11 years ago – actually has far more local and every other type of news simply because of the growth of the paper over the years. Regional news was added because readers willing to identify themselves suggested the idea.Let there be water!I want to urge the city of Vail to allow water to be sprayed at the parade again. This parade was so boring compared to year’s past, and it seems like people do not get wet unless they have a squirt gun and have antagonized the fire dept. and/or the rafting people. So people who don’t want to get wet can sit in a place that is not next to children with a big squirt gun. I would urge them to reinstate that, because that just made it fun, made it Vail, made it different, made everyone look forward to it, and this year we all kind of sat there like boring lumps on a log waiting for some action. Anyway, that’s my opinion, and I hope someone will take notice.It was sarcasm, folksThis is Patrick Waldo in Avon. A letter to the editor from me was recently published in the Vail Daily. It has come to my attention that some folks did not get the sarcasm that was intended by the letter, and that perhaps a threat to a particular individual in this county was seen as real. I would like to say categorically it was just a joke, I mean no harm to anybody. My letter was pure sarcasm. He knowsHere’s a tip for you. Minturn, specifically you guys on North Taylor and Forbes Street there. You guys need to wake up and see what kind of project they got brewing there, guys. The Vail Daily is a little misinformed when it comes to almost everything they wrote last week. Take a look into it, go down to the meeting Wednesday and see if you approve for yourself. I don’t think your kids or your kid’s kids will like it too much. I know I don’t. Like the pricesHi Mr. Art Abplanalp. Enjoyed your letter, but you know what I didn’t enjoy? I didn’t enjoy the fact that your case against the flag is just a non-case. Meaning that you do not want the big stores here. That is your big deal. You do not want the big stores, Home Depot and Wal-Mart, and I’ll tell you, I’ve lived here more than 22 years and I can tell you over many years looking for certain items that I couldn’t find and when I found them, just extraordinarily priced out. I appreciate going to Wal-Mart and Home Depot and being able to afford to do what I need to do. That’s all. It’s not a big whoop. …Love the flagI love that majestic flag. Every morning I see it and it reminds me that I am grateful for this country and for the great people who defend it. We will always have whiners, but we will always have the flag.You take itI’d like to comment that the Vail Daily did a great job in writing that article on the RV park in Minturn. May I suggest there are some great places to put an RV park, like on the berm at the Sonnenalp Golf Course right there on the Edwards highway. Just think, they could watch golfers go golfing and watch all the people go by on the highway. Hopefully all the people in Minturn will realize we need to vote it down, once and for all. I don’t know why they brought it back, and it’s kinda sad they’re wasting our time again. They could even put an RV park up at Mid-Vail, maybe downtown Vail, or at the Middle Creek project.Another MooreMatt Zalaznick is a print media version of Michael Moore. Put a baseball cap on Zalaznick and it would be hard to tell them apart.Where’s the money?As a resident of the town of Red Cliff, I would like to address this to the town mayor. I want to find out where all the grant money to fix our water has been going to. I’m a concerned property owner here in Red Cliff and we have received a lot of grant money and our water is still not fixed, so if you can please research that, Raymond Montoya, and let us, the town people, know exactly where that money is going to, what has happened to it. I know you are a new mayor, but you have the capacity to find out exactly where that grant money has been going, and we the people of Red Cliff would like to see where that money has all gone. We have received thousands of dollars from grants and our water has not been fixed.

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