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OK, thenI don’t know what the world is coming to when people that belong living in a gated community end up living in Minturn. You lost the election, you ruined someone’s business, and now you’re picking on some poor guy who had the misfortune of having his vehicle graffitied with orange paint by somebody who didn’t understand why the car was there in the first place. It’s really sad. I know you all live in glass houses, but it’s not my friend’s fault that he was bounced one too many times off the head, played too many sports in his lifetime. Another thing, you people keep violating the laws in Minturn. You’re harboring farm animals, and the last time I checked, that’s illegal in Minturn’s city limits.Saving livesIn response to the Tipsline “revved up,” it’s simple. Loud pipes save lives.Lexicon issuesThis is a comment on a July 21 Vail Daily Quick Take, “Constitutional priorities” by Don Rogers. I just want to correct him. It says to recap a court clerk who mistakenly e-mailed the transcripts from a private court hearing, etc. That is not a court clerk who did that, a court reporter did that, and they’re a confidential employee. Editor’s note: Depends on your lexicon. At the paper, we’d consider Randy Wyrick covering the Kobe Bryant case a court reporter and the employee who made the error a clerk.Well, of courseI was calling about the article Tamara Miller had on the Bill Post supporting Buz Reynolds for county commissioner. Was this the same William J. Post that the interchange was named for? Of course he would support Buz, who was on the Avon Town Council when they gave them all their rights to DRB with no review, as well as Richard Carnes, your columnist, who suggested we just all forget about it and move on on the flagpole issue. Just wondering if Tamara knew who she was talking to, the only person quoted there. Feeble mindsAnyone, and I mean anyone, who believes Michael Moore’s documentary is based on fact, and not a half-truth, demonstrates a feeble mind which is easily manipulated. …NIMBY ain’t newsI’m calling in regards to the article on the East Vail residents who oppose development on the empty lot next to their home. The development, according to the article, which meets all requirements set forth by the town of Vail and the Design Review Board. The question is why this is considered news. Sounds like another case of “not in my back yard.” I appreciate the coverage of the local news, but this isn’t even close to being newsworthy.A real geniusMichael Moore is right on. Wake up all you redneck, brain-washed Bush Nazis who think being patriotic means accepting the bold faced lies our government leaders force feed us in order to enrich only themselves at the cost of innocent lives. Bush is Satan.What enforcement?I’m calling about the “don’t race through Vail” campaign. They’ve got signs on I-70 that say they enforce the law 24/7, traffic and speed laws. Where in the state do they not enforce the law 24 hours a day? I do property management and drive through Vail four or five times a day and they’re out there maybe 5 percent of the time. Doesn’t seem like 24-hour enforcement to me. And if that is 24-hour enforcement, I would like to know where they don’t enforce the laws, because I’d like to move there.A true AmericanSaturday’s paper, Matt Zalaznick. This is to Steve Pope and Don Rogers. (People) like him who deliberately exaggerate to try and tear this country apart need to be stopped, and you’re either going to fire the son of a bitch, or I’m going to make sure we’re protesting in front of the Vail Daily. This is … . He’s a …, just like Michael Moore. (Expletive) you people.Get over itI’m calling in response to the “10 reasons why Harleys are for losers” and obviously this person must be jealous or has a Yamaha, or is just anal retentive. Get a grip. Getting one with the wind is like soaring like an eagle, and they’re just jealous, and get over it. They are a joke.Wasting waterThis is a tip about the water being used in the Fourth of July parade. That shouldn’t be a good thing, with all the water issues in the area and the guy complaining about his stupid cell phone. He shouldn’t be complaining about that. He should be complaining that this isn’t a high water area, we shouldn’t be wasting water, plain and simple. So think about that.Try thisThis message is for Steve Zorichak about the abandoned coal cars here in Eagle. I have an idea: We’ll put them all on flatbed semis with loud jake brakes, haul them up to Vail, and line them up and down the freeway so we don’t have to read about them sissies up there anymore due to the noise.Some droughtI’m calling because we’re going through a so-called drought right now and we’re supposed to conserve water. It says in newspaper ads and on TV and on the radio. I was driving up Cordillera the other day and saw a truck made specifically for watering the roads. Just thought that was a little weird being that we are in a drought.

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