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I read a paper this week and in Tipsline someone insulted the woman commenting on her rat dog because she wanted a park for 12-15 pound dogs. I don’t think this is outrageous. What I do think is outrageous is that the Vail Valley has an obvious case of species-ism, because there is no cat park and I am at breakfast with some of my Vail cat cahoots. Today we’ve decided that we want equal rights and we’re going to contact Feline Fancy Magazine and Cat Galaxy and let them know of this great atrocity. As well, I think this is incredibly insensitive to people with non-traditional pets. We all know someone with a ferret.

$250? It is unfortunate that your ignorance has cost you. Are you kidding me? I’m a parent myself and have to laugh that kids half your size with little water guns are giving you such grief a year later. Hats off to whoever called in “All wet.” I agree with you completely. There should be a compromise. And to you, Mr. Responsible, roll up your window.

Could somebody please report on why the police stopped both lanes of westbound traffic on I-70 between Vail and West Vail at 2:30 on Sunday, July 25th? They swerved in front of both lanes of traffic until they got everybody to stop, and then they just suddenly let it go. There was no accident, there was nothing in the road. Someone please explain that.

I would like to address the author of “Must be the judge.” Go ahead and scratch your head, because there is nothing intelligent in it. First off, the ugly vehicle on the 100 block of the business district on Main Street in Minturn was not only a rusted out, multi-colored eyesore, but also very dangerous. People driving by just about stopped and looked in amazement that a piece of trash like that could be allowed on any road, let alone a scenic highway. Custom paint job – give me a break. If you call a can off-white spray paint and limited vocabulary expressing personal political views of the owner custom, you’re mistaken. Also, Minturn’s finest are just that. We have a very dedicated, friendly, hard-working police force. They don’t give out illegal tickets. They know the law and enforce it as needed. Maybe you should move to Mayberry, and take your friend and his trashy trucks with you. … Minturn has worked long and hard to be an attractive, authentic, interesting and friendly town in this growing valley only to have losers like you berate it. We don’t want people like you and your friend in our town, so do us all a favor, stay out of Minturn, and take our local idiot with you. … I’ve lived in this valley for 24 years and feel Minturn is the only town in the valley where you actually know your neighbor, postmaster, banker and most of all our hard-working finest. It’s losers like you that contribute nothing to the valley that feel you have the right to judge it. Better yet, have your friend park his rusty, trashy eyesores, covered with dirty words, in your neighborhood, so your kids can learn what the word “sucks” means, like our kids had to.

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