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No room for itI would have to call in support of the Tipsline on July 28 entitled “Fine indeed.” I would have to say I agree. Linda Rondstadt needs to get over it and get a clue. This country is at war and we can’t allow dissent. Patriotic Americans know what is good and what is bad, and we know disagreeing with George Bush is bad. Where does anybody get off doing that? What does she think this is, a free country? And you can sign it Rocky.Bypartisan shameWhy is it that if Americans disagree with President Bush that they’re somehow anti-American or un-patriotic. We live in a democracy. It’s our right to disagree with whoever we’d like to. I’m a Democrat, and I was terribly ashamed of President Clinton and his lies, and I can admit that. Why can’t the Republicans and the conservatives admit that President Bush has gotten us into a war that many Republicans are against. He got us into a war where there were no weapons of mass destruction, and we still haven’t even caught Osama Bin Laden. So please, Republicans and conservatives and anyone, stop saying that it is unpatriotic to criticize our president. That’s the beauty of this nation, freedom of speech, both for the conservative and the liberals. … Blithering idiotsI’d just like to comment on the Eagle County court’s blunder again on the Kobe Bryant trial issue. It’s just unconceivable that we have such a system here, that people are so incompetent they cannot protect this poor girl and keep her name out of the public eye. How is anyone supposed to have any confidence in our system? It makes Eagle County look like a bunch of blithering idiots. It’s just a shame that we can’t have control over the information that’s getting out. Nothing left outHey Vail Daily, quick question. Do you guys just like having the accused person’s story presented with all the evidence against him? Just want to know. You can print the victim’s situation without the name. It would be fair if somebody could get the whole story. Oh wait, you want Kobe convicted, I forgot.

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