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About a year ago it was predicted in the letter section that the Kobe Bryant trial would be held in Denver, if at all, because of the enormous amount of money available to the defense. It appears from the events that have occurred during the past year, e.g. the DA and sheriff’s faulty arrest procedures, the mountains of confusing defense motions, hospital “leaks,” court reporter “error,” Web site “mistakes,” court reversal of a disability of shield protected evidence, DA failure to protect the complainant-victim by appeal process, and lastly, the emergence of a DA candidate, well-financed and very attractive, to give the current DA more problems. The defense has been active in directing its largess to the right pockets. The complainant-victim would now be forced to defend herself in court if she chooses to go to court at all. What’s new? Even if the complainant-victim should decide to go forward with her alleged felony case, the defense is even now spending its millions on juror research to determine if an acquittal jury can be reasonably found in a (75) percent white Eagle County. …

I have something to say about this whole boxing issue that’s going on between everyone in the community. It’s ridiculous. We can never survive up here unless we all get along, if you know what I’m saying. Everyone wanting to take out a pair of boxing gloves and punch everybody else in the face. Don’t we all live in the same community? Aren’t we all supposed to be one community united? Some of these letters are getting absolutely retarded. Honestly, I think what we should do is go out and take pictures of all the trash along the highways, all the dead, stinking, rotten animals that are getting their virus infections washed away by the rain into our water supply that aren’t getting picked up. The fact that there are people starving in Denver. I think we should take pictures of street bums and say hey, we got bigger problems to worry about in this country and in our lives, and wanting to box somebody over their opinion is getting absolutely ridiculous.

I was just reading Friday’s edition of the Vail Daily and looking at the local headline about 36 individuals getting their GEDs from Colorado Mountain College, and I was just wondering when the editorial staff to the Vail Daily are going to get their GEDs so that they can “gratuate.”

What are we advertising with the flag? This is the United States of America, and the flag is a symbol of that nation. So all you sniveling socialists and communists know what we are advertising.

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado

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