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You did read itYour Tipsline says, “What’s the silliest thing you’ve heard today?” Well, the answer is easy. I read Matt Zalaznick’s column in Sunday’s paper. It’s just about the silliest fanatical thing I’ve ever read. History will look back at this column and cringe when he stabs and slashes away, making the most hypocritical comments I’ve ever read in this paper. … He belongs in Berkeley or some other haunt of liberal “intellectuals” who’ve lost or never even owned the meaning of a moral education. I know his type all too well, and I thought I rid my life of him when I graduated college and moved on into the real world. …Brings balanceJust wanted to comment on the addition of Matt Zalaznick to the paper. I think he brings a much needed balance to your predominantly rightwing commentary, and now if you could just get rid of that moronic and pathetically partisan Richard Carnes and his juvenile attempts at humor in an otherwise intelligent paper. I was wondering, are Richard and Don secret lovers? Why does Don always print Richard’s inane commentary on the front cover every week? It’s really annoying. But overall, great job guys, and great paper.Beautiful flowersI just wanted to comment on how beautiful the snap dragons are at the main Vail roundabout. In fact, the flowers are beautiful everywhere. Check out the ones in front of the Vail Commons project on North Frontage Road before City Market. Those are absolutely beautiful, too. Thanks so much.Movies in the parkI’m a resident of Avon and I just have a question for people, especially in the Avon area. Why do we have movies outside in the park on Thursday night until 10 at night in this beautiful mountain setting we have? Why do we have to have that noise going on in our park? If anybody could answer that, it would be great.Local this, local thatMy name is Peter and I moved up here from Denver Dec. 1, and since then I’ve read the paper and listened to all the people who have too much money complain about stupid stuff like having to close their windows now because they bought a multi-million dollar house on I-70, so now they have to get an air conditioning unit and shut their windows. If they have that much to complain about, they need to find a hobby or something. Another thing, people up here that are from different states that aren’t even a native of Colorado feel that they can call themselves locals. Locals should be called yokels, because they’re not even in reality at all. This is a great mountain town to live in, but you have all these people who want this or that because “I’m a local.” You’re not born here, you’re not a native, you’re not a local just because you move up here because you can’t handle living in the rest of the towns in the United States because you have way too much money to spend. Do something good with it.Another celebI don’t know if you guys knew this, but not only does Vail has one local celebrity, Vail has two local celebrities. Our own Trisha Swenson was on the 2000 show of “Who wants to marry a multi-millionaire” with Darva Conger, and I just thought people should know she is also someone we should look at and not overlook.The important thingsI’m a taxpayer of Eagle County, and I think whatever law enforcement people drove by the 2×6 that was a couple of miles outside of Minturn on Monday. All day long, the 2×6 turned into a 2×4 and finally turned into two 2x2s. This was a hazard. It says protect and serve. Hey, that night at 7:30 I picked up the two 2x2s that were splintered all over. God only knows how many vehicles those boards hit. I just don’t understand. Why can’t police officers, highway patrolmen and sheriff’s deputies pick up rock, steel and other things that may have inadvertently fallen from somebody’s pickup truck or whatever. So if you wore a badge and drove by that obstacle that day, Monday, Aug. 2, I think you should take $50 out of your paycheck and go donate it to one of the community charities or just give it right back to the taxpayers somehow, maybe buy the town a case of beer or two. Do something instead of harassing people. Oh by the way, that DUI checkpoint in Minturn was sickening the other night.WeedsI live out here at Chatfield Corners, and all the homeowners are expected to keep care of their property, keep it mowed, landscaped. There are a lot of empty lots out here and the one specifically that I’m talking about is … on Autumn Glen, and the weeds are 5 foot or better height. My concern is if we have to follow the guidelines and they set the guidelines, then why don’t they have to follow them? I’d really appreciate it if you’d print something about the weed control out here, because it is Chatfield Corner’s responsibility to take care of this. Welcoming spiritI’m calling in regard to a letter to the editor. This lady from the South was visiting up here and she saw a free concert at the Ford Amphitheater and she was complaining about people making too much noise at a free concert and she couldn’t hear them. If she wants to see a concert she needs to pay for it, and she has no right to come up here and complain about how people in the valley act. If she doesn’t like it, she can just go back to the South.Too muchI’m calling because I’m wondering what the Colorado Department of Transportation was thinking when they scheduled roadwork on two of the three main routes in and out of Edwards at the same time. Why did they do work on Route 6 and the Edwards access road on the same day? There are only three ways out of town, they blocked two of them. Bureaucracy in action.How it isThis is a great Tip to employers who have employees who still haven’t studied the Colorado employer-employee relations laws. It would be nice if all persons especially in Eagle County, I’ve been here 36 years, what makes them think they are the exceptions to the state of Colorado employer laws? 1. If you work overtime, you get paid overtime. 2. If you fire somebody, you’d better have their paycheck in hand when you fire them. These two areas in this county are still misrepresented and not followed through, and it’s really a big concern, because employees have to go through all sorts of hoops and jumps just to solidify their rights. What will it take?America, wake up. We are Americans. We need to stand up for one another. It’s been so long since 9/11, and thank God for that. Is it going to take another terrorist attack for us to get close again? Wake up. Realize they want to kill you and me. Fly right, and God bless us all.So don’t teach subjects?Eagle County School District and Mike Gass: Do you mean to tell me a substitute teacher is going to teach my kids math and English? Do you remember when you were in high school how much work got done when you had a substitute teacher? This is not a good plan. The Budweiser Hot Summer Nights Tuesday free concerts concluded on a beautiful Aug. 3 evening with a jam-packed Ford Amphitheater and the fabulous talent of Marcia Ball and her band. These concerts are a special treat for locals, as well as visiting guests, and one of the highlights of the summer in the Vail Valley. I saw a letter in the Vail Daily the other day from an out-of-town visitor who had attended an earlier concert this year and noted the loud and persistent noise coming from the patio area to the west of the amphitheater near the wine and food concessions. While a lot of single folks seem to want to congregate and are more intent on making connections than they are in listening to the performers and this visitor thought it was not only rude, it was inconsiderate to both the performers as well as the other people in the audience who were trying to listen to the music. I couldn’t agree more, and maybe if these people really don’t want to be this close to the music, they should do their congregating outside the main gate and let the people that want to listen to music listen to it. …All wetSo the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District has come up and spent a few thousand dollars in Red Cliff to try to buy a better public image. They have made a point in the newspaper of saying how “low key” they are being. They have made a point of saying our water isn’t worth a dime. Message to ERWSD: Leave the town of Red Cliff. We don’t trust you at all and resent you polishing your image on our backs!

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