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For shameAll I have to say is shame on you Judge Ruckriegle, shame on you. I’m a rape victim myself and it was a really tough thing to go through, and I couldn’t prove it. Regardless of whether this guy is innocent or guilty, shame on you for letting out all that information and not apologizing.All wetSo the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District has come up and spent a few thousand dollars in Red Cliff to try to buy a better public image. They have made a point in the newspaper of saying how “low key” they are being. They have made a point of saying our water isn’t worth a dime. Message to ERWSD: Leave the town of Red Cliff. We don’t trust you at all and resent you polishing your image on our backs!Used car lot?I was wondering when the town of Vail started a used car lot on their recycling area there. A white GMC Jimmie has been parked there with a “for sale” sign for at least the past month. And if that’s the case, I was wondering if I could put one of my used cars up there to sell. PrioritiesI just wanted to say it’s nice to read about a concerned citizen for our country as opposed to who flipped off who in the roundabout or the flagpole controversy BS. I agree with concentrating on a way to keep our country safe instead of wasting time on an amendment to ban same-sex marriages. If you were to ask me, our county and the rest of our country should be more concerned about no-sex marriages. Thanks. My name is Summer Scrivens.Love that poleI’m calling about the flagpole there by Wal-Mart in Avon. I think it looks really cool, and I think the flagpole looks cooler. …Midnight beerI was wondering why I can’t buy beer in Avon after midnight. Why can you go to a bar until 2 and get full-strength beer, and after midnight you can’t get 3.2 percent beer in Avon because of some town ordinance. Why not encourage people to stay home and drink rather than go to a bar and drink and drive home.Let’s vote… At the council meeting last Wednesday, councilmen are trying to make a decision for Minturn voters and not let them vote on the RV resort. They say they want to know about the information before they’ll decide whether to send it to the voters, but the voters clearly want to make that decision themselves. So people in Minturn need to make sure that their councilmen let them vote on this RV resort and make the decision, not the Town Council, which is what the last election was about. Citizens of Minturn need to participate in the RV resort process and make sure that it goes to a vote so they can vote whether they want it or not, and not let the town council vote it down before we even get a chance to vote on it ourselves.Sell out?My tip goes out to everyone in the valley. You need to really pay attention to these forest bills that are coming on line. The Bush administration is continuing to squeeze the forest, and it looks like Scott McInnis is right in his pockets, so we need to really keep our eyes on this. Let’s not forget that the sale of these lands could be used to improve facilities or build new facilities, but let’s not forget that they built a facility at the bottom of Meadow Mountain that I heard is reportedly going to be abandoned and they’re going to combine with the Eagle Ranger District. So in essence we’ve already built a new building that will be torn down or whatever. I don’t think they’re really using the money wisely as it is, so I think selling the properties off is selling out our kids’ and our grandkids’ future.Reading, againMy name is Horst Lightener. I just would like to congratulate everyone in the Vail Valley for living up to their nationwide reputation as stuck-up, arrogant, self-centered snobs. As I’m reading in Tipsline again, people fighting over this, that and the other thing. It’s kind of funny, in a tourist town, a place that relies on the economy, how much everybody bickers and argues about themselves. What do they do with the people that come here to spend money, not to mention the people in the community that spend money? Bring them onThis is Matt and I just wanted to respond to the Tipsline about the people getting tired of illegal workers and hoping that the INS is coming to town soon. I hope INS is coming to town soon, and if they are in town they turn up the heat a little bit. Let’s get control of our community and get some real taxpaying workers in here that will do a good job. Missed calendarI was just looking through the newspaper in all the sections of what there is to do. All this stuff is really boring, doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. I think it would be cool for all those people who just lay around all the time. Maybe there could be a public place where people could get together and watch movies and hang out or something. Something to bring people together and hang out and share stuff in common.DisgustedI’m calling about the Mary Kay Letourneau story, and it’s kind of troubling only because the fact that now she’s out and everybody’s happy. … However, does anyone remember a few years back when he was trying to sue the school system and the state for multi-million dollars because he was a victim? We have to come to a little balance here, and apparently we haven’t. That’s really disgusting. Now everyone’s so happy that they will be reunited because he fathered two kids when he was 12 and 13. I find it also interesting that he doesn’t have a job, but on the “Today Show “Matt Lauer said, “What do you want to do?” “I want to go on a boat cruise.” Hey, what are you going to do about the kids at home? Go on the government? John Kerry’s watch?Roundabouts … Basically every community in our valley has a roundabout, which is wonderful. If anyone remembers the stop lights from Avon to Beaver Creek several years ago, they were backed up at least 45 minutes, if not longer. The only accident that I’ve had in the 25 years that I have been in this valley was at the Avon stoplight. If people are considerate and they follow the rules and they flow with the traffic like everyone else, and they yield to the pedestrians, and they yield to the cars as they’re supposed to do, perhaps there wouldn’t be any complaints. Vail, Colorado

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