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Wrong venueI attended the rodeo the other night, in which I was very disappointed to hear a paid commentator, one of the announcers, putting down Kerry and supporting Bush. I don’t feel that the county should support bringing in somebody who is begin paid by all of us to bash one party or another. I think that it segregates and alienates those who do not support Bush and do support Kerry, and I think the county commissioner should speak with the rodeo committee and make sure that this never happens again, to take cheap jabs at the political parties, neither pro Kerry nor Bush.Minturn’s junkDear town of Minturn. We all know that mag chloride sucks, but so do graffitied, eyesore, piece-of-trash vehicles parked in your street.Why watch?I was calling in response to the caller who said Bush was an idiot for not watching the Kerry speech at the Democratic convention. Well I have to say, I made an attempt to watch it, and after about 10 minute of complete BS, lies, rhetoric. I had to turn off the TV and I felt like an idiot for watching it, and so that would mean George Bush would be the genius for not putting himself through it.

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